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I write things sometimes.

Chaptered Fanfictions!

Title: Heart of a Lugia
Status: Running, up for my revival + revision.
Rating: Eh, I'd give it a PG. For now. Progresses into the PG-13 section later for blood, death, and edginess.
Genre: Oh, dear. At first we have a journey for one protagonist and a snipe-hunt for another. Then it becomes survival - and saving the world, of course. That bit is like survival-action-fantasy-some-horror-may-be-involved-not-much-if-any-though.
Description: It starts off simple: one girl, one boy, one electric rat and one flaming horse going on a long journey sprung by a pair of Pokedexes and a wild dream to collect badges and new experiences. Meanwhile, a prince of Pokemon is captured, and upon his return home he discovers that his father has been usurped, and he must now go on a long quest through the distant region of Eos to find the Silver Wing that was lost eons ago - and to make things worse, he has to babysit a homeless Poochyenna. As the time goes on for both of them, however, chaos is revealed - not just in Eos, but across the Pokemon world. A dark voice seems to be reaching out of the past, using a band of thugs as its enforcers. The human girl, Chrissie, must discover the talent she shares and, with the help of the princely Lugia, use that gift to reforge the sundered bond between humanity and Poke-kind - or else the world will be engulfed in eternal darkness.

Title: The Giratina Guardians
Status: Running, up for my revival + revision.
Rating: Oh, man. PG-13 and you KNOW it. Blood and mind control and gray morality as far as the eye can see~!
Genre: Quest x semi-mystery. Iduk, I'm bad at genres LOL.
Description: A clan of Zoroarks and Zoruas living peacefully in the Nocturne Forest are violently disturbed when a mysterious Houndoom with three sets of grins and an agenda shows up, with a forest fire following quickly at his paws. Our hero, Rikki, suddenly finds himself alone and in a human city, from which he only escapes due to luck and a Riolu he met at a Chinese restaurant. He finds his home destroyed - and a blue Mew in its place. The Mew helps him to find the survivors of the fire, and on the way they amass friends - and enemies. When a dark plot and a dangerous cover-up are discovered, and those who were once balance-keepers become lethal enemies, Rikki learns that the nature of good and evil are deeper than one can ever know - and that sometimes, not even the guarding and guiding Legends are just and noble.
I laughed, I cried, I testified;
And in the end found this world altogether lacking.

Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D
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