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Default Re: What?! Eevee is evolving into ???


No Hold Items
No Sleep Moves [Rest Allowed]
No Imprison
No Encore
No Redirects
No Evasion
No Perish Song
No Psych Up
All Hit Moves hit one
No Weather Damage
Acupressure and Helping Hand can target others
Illusion/Transform works on random at the beginning of FFA
Failure to send a move in time = Knocked Out!
Special Rule: "K so Zombies: If you KO a pokemon then that person is out, but the dead pokemon joins it's murderer's team with 50%. As long as you have a Pokemon on the field (alive or redead) you are still in."

The trick to this is KO pokemon fast. Raticate wins the Zombie Killah award for killing 1/2 the FFA. Pokemaster ended up with 4 Zombies which lead to his win.

6. Webmaster - Gyarados - $1000
5. Turtwig - Blaziken - $1000
4. Gliscorman - Raticate - $1000
3. Caleb - Luxray - $1500
2. MorruMagnum - Dragonite - $2000
1. Pokemaster - Mismagius - $2500
Me - $3000

Total wages $12.500
Ask me to Ref if you see me online!
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