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Default Gameshark helpp!!!!!!!!!!

OK, well i'll start off here: I just got a gameshark and have only a slight clue on how to use it. My first question is which of the versions do i use. On my Gameshark it gives me a list of "Pokemon Fire Red v 1.0", "Pokemon Fire Red v 1.1", then "Pokemon Leaf/Fire v 1.0 wpm 1 & 2" and "Pokemon Leaf/Fire v 1.1 wpm 1 & 2. Can anyone tell me which to use. So far the last 2 ( Leaf/Fire v 1.1 1& 2) are the only ones working for me. And i cant seem to make any of the cheats like the masterball and infinite cash ones to work. I try to look it up but whenever i find the master code and the code for the cheat i dont know which version to put it under. Can someone help me please. I really want masterball and infinite cash because i had to start a new game recently. THANK YOU