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Default Re: Open Battle: Crystal Momoyia vs. Mewcario

Round Seven

Crystal Momoyia

[Shunju] Lapras (F)

HP: 82%
Energy: 75%
Condition: All is well; -1 Accuracy
Moves: Water Pulse ~ Brine

Master Zorua

[Farah] Growlithe (F)

HP: 67%
Energy: 85%
Condition: This isn’t going too well; -2 Special Attack
Moves: Roar ~ Return

With Farah still recovering from the last round, Shinju grasped the opportunity to move first. Using the rain which was still falling over the arena as well as the water in the pool, she gathered a large ball of liquid; she flung it at the limping Growlithe, who howled as it smashed into her side. Water can be the most powerful of the elements and the fire-type was certainly feeling that. Unfortunately for the puppy, some of the water had managed to get into her inner ear, where it affected her balance until she could barely stand up straight. The pup was hurt and confused – and very annoyed.

Farah began to snarl and growl at Shinju; the Lapras had caused her pain and suffering beyond anything she had experienced before and now she wanted her out. She knew that he wasn’t powerful enough to get rid of her and that she would probably be out cold before she even got close but this didn’t discourage her – she just needed to be a little more cunning. She opened her mouth wide, showing her sharp teeth, and roared at the armoured plesiosaur; Shinju trembled slightly and moved backwards – she had really got her opponent angry and there was no telling what she would do now. She forgot all about the advantage she had and decided that it was time to get out. Crystal Momoyia watched this with annoyance – Drakon didn’t seem fit enough to go back into battle but she didn’t want to reveal her last pokémon. This was going to be tricky.

Crystal Momyia
None active

Master Zorua

[Farah] Growlithe (F)

HP: 46%
Energy: 80%
Condition: Looking forward to a change of opponent; -2 Special Attack; Confused

Rolled 1, Lapras moves first.
Water Pulse- (Rolled 41/100, 75 or less to hit, rolled 2/10, 2 or less for confusion; Lapras -7% Energy; Growlithe -21% HP, confused)
Roar- (Rolled 58/100, 50 or less for confusion; Growlithe -5 Energy; Lapras roared out)

Arena Notes
The tree is now free of frost

Team Notes
Crystal Momoyia
3 Pokémon remaining
Drakon: 27% HP, 58% Energy
Shinju: 82% HP, 68%
Master Zorua
3 Pokémon remaining
Lotus: 100% HP, 7% Energy

Cystal Momoyia will send out her next pokémon first. Master Zorua will then send his moves and Crystal Momoyia will move after that.