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Default Re: What is your most hated Pokemon in Unova?

Originally Posted by The pokemaster View Post
And Cryogonal, IDK what that is even supposed to be...
It's a giant snowflake... but I know, it took me a bit too lol

Originally Posted by Skylands View Post

Meloetta. It looks like a Gardevoir rip-off, much less a legendary Pokemon.
I like Meloetta, it's just a very fair looking pokemon, very human and it's about time they have a music related pokemon (like musical notes and such)

Originally Posted by Viva la Gofre View Post
Rogenrola and it's evolutions. Annoying as hell going through caves, and I can't even spam grass attacks because they always survive through Sturdy so they end up draining my PP :l
Oh god yes.... sturdy makes me rage....

Originally Posted by Jessu View Post
There's hardly any reliable fire types around, and I certainly didn't feel like catching one and wasting time grinding it. I was already there, my mons were at a good level, so why would I waste the time?
Gonna have to agree with this... the only Fire attack I had on my team was Flame Charge on my Zestrika... a fighting pokemon takes out Durant pretty well though... didn't stop Durant from taking out half my team though -.-

As far as my personal hated?
A toss up between Alomomola and Stunfisk

They're both just hideous and I'm tired of looking at them :\
Sometimes Audino, cause I'll see shaking grass and be like "YAY! oh...."

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