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Default Re: [WAR X] Villainous Incorporated: League of Evil

Originally Posted by Fossil Fusion View Post
I am joining because Alaska asked me nicely. Plus Buzzer is here too I think so yeah. I can do URPG.
Originally Posted by Noble Six View Post
Joining OFFICIAL!!!
Name:Maverick/Noble One
Why you want to join: I like chaos, war, destruction, long walks on the beach, war.
War Experience: No clue. I'm the guy who runs in yelling LEEROY JENKINS!
Skills: URPG, Roleplaying, Spriting, Stuff and more stuff.
Originally Posted by Neonsands View Post
Name: Neonsands
Why you want to join: I've heard good things about the war, and I might as well give it a try.
War Experience: None at all.
Skills: URPG, PO (I'm sort of terrible), and not sure about anything else. I suppose I'll try everything once.
Originally Posted by smorgasbord View Post
Why you wanna join: Alaska told me to :)
WAR experience: None sorry D:
Skills: URPG, POL, Writing (I guess)

Love you guys <3 Thanks :3

AIM: Politoed Prince

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