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Default READ FIRST: Art Board Rules & Guidelines!


Art Theft

The stealing of art is a serious matter here at PE2K. Not only is it pathetic that someone has to take someone else's hard work just to have others think that they are "good" at art, but it is also reason enough to ban a member. Art theft will by no means be permitted here. If you are caught you will be:

First Offense: You will be temporarily banned from the forum
Second Offense: You will be temporarily banned from the forum for a longer period of time
Third Offense: You will be permanently banned from the forum

You have only 3 chances, if you blow them all then you're out.

Art thieves better think twice before even thinking about calling someone else's art their own.

What does Art Theft involve?

Art theft not only involves the direct stealing of someone's art, it also involves using their art in your artwork without their permission. Say if you wanted to use someone's fan art in your banner, but didn't have their permission. That is considered stealing their art. It is perfectly all right to use someone else's art as long as you give credit and have their permission.

Another form of art theft is taking someone else's art and editing it. For example, taking a sprite that someone created and then recoloring it, then calling it your own is against the rules. Of course, taking the general Pokemon Game Sprites is perfectly ok, but editing anything created by members, including fusions, is against the rules. This not only includes sprites, but banners, fan art, etc...

Sharing Images

Start a thread and start sharing your artwork! If your images are already hosted somewhere, you can just list the URL or show it directly on your post using the image code:

[img]URL HERE[/img]
Free Image Hosting
------ written first by Paperfairy
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