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Default Re: READ FIRST: Art Board Rules & Guidelines!

  • Don't spam/flame, ect.
  • Respect all members and their artwork
  • Obviously, don't steal other people's artwork or post artwork not made by you
  • To have a Gallery, you need over 3 examples of EACH WORK YOU'RE PRESENTING IN YOUR GALLERY!
  • You do not need approval for Shops or Galleries, but you do need approval for Contests. (Contest rules)
  • Keep your content G to PG 13.
  • Don't post Sprite Artwork here. Post it here instead.
  • Post discussions and question on this thread; Graphic Arts & Drawn Art HELP and Chat (ask questions here)II!
  • Request all your art needs (except sprite ones) here instead of creating a new thread: Image Requests & Graphic Giveaway Thread!
  • No Music should be posted here.
  • So, 'art bumping' is posting in a thread you made, with an update. You ARE able to bump your thread, but it must be YOU thread, AND YOU POSTING THE UPDATE. If someone else posts in your thread and breaks The 30-day rule, then it will be locked.
  • Follow PE2K rules
  • Have fun!
Thanks, PE2K - See here for contact info, please!
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