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Default Re: Signature & Avatar Showcase

Originally Posted by Simmi View Post
This is the last banner I made:

I like it...

... and such.


.. No but seriously, uhm. Its vibrant but not to the point that it's eye burning. So Kudos and making it look nice while still maintaining colors.. I enjoy the effects, light source, and depth. You seem to have tackled everything in this particular piece so it makes me proud to see so many people doing so well in this field. So no snaps or crits about your banner.

I'll give it a 4/5 rating cause I can. 4 because it doesn't BLOW my mind, you know? There are pieces that do that though.

I wish to critique your critique, however, but only slightly. First thing is that you repeated yourself, It's dark and cold it could use more lively colors. Then you said some other stuff, and then you were like, Though it's a bit cold and dark, it could use some more warm colors like yellow and orange. It's like "Okay I get it, it's a dark banner!" Understand that sometimes "dark" is just a style. But to your credit, you're right, his tag seems rather dismal and depressing. (No offense to you Lusankya, to YOUR credit, you were off of graphics for 6 months, and admitted to being a little bit rusty.)

Now look, I've always been adamant about criticism merely being ones expressed opinion. A person might love what another person hates, it means that generally no ONE person can change the opinion of another, but they do so anyway to try to help an artist improve, which is just fine for me. So I would hope that the things I say in this post doesn't offend anyone. If it does, then I am genuinely sorry.

Lusankya, It's been over a month, but I'm still gonna do this. So get ready for a book. Your render/focal point, it's a tad over-sharpened. It looks like a strange pixel-y mess. I dunno if you did it, or if it came that way, but man it's bad. The way that it blends into the background, also kinda makes it stand out. Perhaps placing some c4d around that cannon bit would make it a little more friendly to the eyes to make out what it is. This could be where the warm colors comes into play that Simmi mentioned. Throwing a rather radiant yellow to red C4D in there to counter-balance the purple blue and black would really work, I think. Depth is another bit, your render is one solid bit and there's nothing really to focus on, so it looks copy-paste-sharpen-finish. There's no really obvious of visible light source, either. That's not a bad thing, but It might not hurt to really have one, you know? I'm not saying that there's everything-and-its-mother wrong with your tag, though. I like the border, font, pen-tool, and the one thing that really appeals to me about your tag is the flow. It's going in one direction, and it makes perfect sense with your render.

I give your banner a 3 out of 5 rating for a needless rating. 3 is a neutral number, I neither love, nor hate this piece. So you should tackle these things and show me a result, just because I know you're capable of it. =]

Here's a drawing I did for Jessu's birthday. It's a Quilava, for those who don't know. Since Ana said we can post drawings here now, I'll make the preverbial first post featuring a drawing:

Have at it.
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