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Default Re: Jenn's Platinum Nuzlocke run - new.

Thanks, you guys! I'm glad that you like it thus far! :'D

Twinleaf Town.
TIME: 0:23.

Vigilance/Chimchar (Starter)
Lv. 6 - Blaze.
==~ Scratch.
==~ Leer.

After my good-for-nothing mother booted me out, I was on my own in this cruel, cruel world. At lease she gave me some fancy shoes that allow me to run. I don't understand... The rate of which you move your legs determines how fast you run, not how spiffy your shoes are. xD Anyway, so I headed out the door with a new outlook on life and a Pokemon at my side. I walked up the trail and ran into Barry. What are the odds? -__-|| He said he wanted to go to the lake and try to capture the Pokemon that lives there. “With what Pokeballs?” I thought, but I figured it was best to let him fail. I'm a good friend. :)

So we walked to the lake, and right as we were about to pass through a break in the trees, Barry remembered, “HAI JENN HOW R WE SUPOSED TEW DERP CATCH NE POKEYMONS WIFF OWT BAWLS HERPDERP?” I shrugged and pushed him into the lake front, where we saw an aged, blue-haired man, mumbling to himself. Something about a new world... The man got up and walked towards us, wanting to get by. “Dude, you really should put some lotion on those frown lines.” I suggested. He quipped, “If I have lotion, I'm not going to put it on my face.” and walked out. With a horrible mental image, Barry and I stood in the clearing and looked out upon the lake. We heard a small cry in the distance and Barry, frightened, jumped into my arms like a pansy. I threw him on the ground and walked out, Barry chasing after me saying something about that being THEE Legendary Pokemon. What to the ever.

Barry and I decided to go out separate ways, but not before he said that Professor Rowan may be willing to give us some Pokeballs. I couldn't pass that up, so I headed off towards Sandgem Town, Vigilance in tow. On our way, I ran into a man about a wallaby. Wait, no, I mean I ran into a kid about a Pokemon. Yeah. He talked about how if I wanted to avoid Pokemon, then I should stay out of tall grass. I looked around to see nothing but tall grass everywhere. >_______> Maybe Barry's idea of running through the grass really fast to stay away from Pokemon would work... I charged, like a storm trooper. A few steps later, a wild Pokemon came out at me. Yeah, that went according to plan. Totally.

Gasping and out of breath, I finally made it to Sandgem Town. Just in time, too, because Vigilance was feeling woozy. I walked towards the Pokemon Center, only to be confronted by Lucas, saying the Professor wanted to see me. Taking me by the hand and giving me a creep-o grin, he escorted me to Rowan's pedo mansion. Just then, Barry popped out and whispered to me, “Damn, Prof. Rowan is OUT THERE.” So he does smoke! I'll have to ask him who his dealer is and sell mys—just then, Lucas interrupted my train of thought and showed me to the Professor, who seemed pleased to see me. I tugged down my skirt and kept hitting the A Button, waiting for me free ****. Just then, he offered to officially nickname my Pokemon, which I did. <3 Chimchar was now officially Vigilance. :'D

Rowan then blabbed about how much Vigilance loved me already, and Lucas said that if I were mean to Pokemon he didn't know what he'd do. I consider that a threat... “There's something I want you to do for me!” I was scared and my eyes, against my will, glanced at the bulge in his pants. I gulped and prepared myself for whatever might happen. Next thing I knew, he was handing me a Pokedex and telling me he wants me to leave on an adventure. WITH JAKE THE DOG AND FINN THE HUMAN IT'S ADVENTURE TIME. Yeah, so after our talk was over and Lucas said he'd teach me a few things, I was beginning to wonder if 'adventure' was code for 'sexual relations'...

Then some boring stuff happened. I ran out of Rowan's lab (because the players in the newer generations are more rebellious and run inside buildings) only to be sandwiched between Lucan and Rowan. I KNEW IT. I knew 'adventure' was slang for 'sex'! I should be a fortune teller. Rowan handed me a CD and waggled off. After THAT, Lucas showed me around the town, like I've never played a Pokemon game before, and told me that I should tell my family that I was leaving on an 'adventure'. I thought I already did before I went to the lake with Barry..?

I ran all the way home, using those fancy ledge things so I didn't have to run in the grass and walked into my house. Mom let me take a quick 3-second nap, which was surprisingly restful, then handed me a journal after I old her what Rowan asked me to do. I don't think Mom knows what 'adventure' really means... I saw her mid-life crisis flash before her eyes. Haha, Mom. Haha. Then, like clock work, Barry's mom showed up, asking for her son. Apparently he left something at home. :/ My mother volunteered me to search the country for him (since we can't use a cell phone to call him and ask where he is) to hand him the package/parcel/is there a difference?

So, getting my yearly cardio in in a matter of hours, I ran all the way back to Sandgem Town and bought some Pokeballs. C: I set out for Route 201, begging for anything but a Bidoof. A Starly appeared, which I captured on my first try. Go me! I named the Starly 'Encounter' since it was my first and called it a day. Lucas would still be waiting on Route 202 tomorrow~ Oops, I'm not supposed to know about that, yet. :X

Route 201.
TIME: 0:50.

Vigilance/Chimchar (Starter)
Lv. 7 - Blaze.
==~ Scratch.
==~ Leer.

Encounter/Starly (Route 201)
Lv. 2 - Keen Eye
==~ Tackle.
==~ Growl.

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