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Default Re: Ace Trainers Association - Now Recruiting!

Originally Posted by Shiny Jolteon View Post

EDIT 6-21-11:
I realized that our Month of Training will soon be up! :o We have had 5 members since 6-4-11 and Our month will be up 7-4-11 or Whatever day that was for you. Although, TUST told me the forums were really Inactive, and to take that to our advantage.
-Kaoru, we've slacked on our Teams XD We must get it done! ;3
-We've also gotta pick the Team.
-Then those People may send us their War Teams.
-Then, We will be Prepared for WAR >:D
-Also, EV/IV Pokes are Recommended.
- I can EV Train in ONE Stat only, such as I will get a 'Mon and Put a Power Bracer ETC and Level it up to 100 ;P
So, This is what we must do, yes?
I'm Sure LMSSI or Royale Clan Oblivion will Challenge us soon.
So, Everybody Start getting your War Teams together, As you maybe picked to go to War! >:)
Therefore, I trust you will all work hard?
Good Luck, and Have FUN! :D
Shiny and I will be in the WAR just so ya know. I need all of your teams. And Shiny, I'll need yours as well. I tried to EV train my Pokemon, but I don't think it went well. I made them hold a Power item (Anklet, Bracer, etc.) Is that how you EV train a Pokemon or something?
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