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Default Re: WAR X Judge Applications

Originally Posted by Hoshika View Post
Name: Hoshika
Team: butts
Sections: Drawn Art [either], Graphic Art [backup], Humor?
WAR Experience: A lot? 6, 7, 8, 9, and that one joke war. Majority were with Shen.

Section Experience: Do you mind if I don't write? Also I'm funny apparantly. Rocked the Humor section before.
Originally Posted by Lord Fedora View Post
Name: Lord Fedora
Team: Cullen
Sections: Debate
WAR Experience: Can't think of which ones specifically I've been in, but I've done every non-Parody WAR since I joined.
Accepted for the position of Humor and Debate respectively. We're not really into backup judges for War X, since it's considerably smaller than previous wars. I will keep in mind of you if we do eventually need one though!
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