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Default Re: 5th Gen Fallen and Rising stars -Unfinnished

Originally Posted by Viva la Gofre View Post
Just to be picky, but Magic Bounce is better described as bouncing back any non-damaging move, given that it reflects back a hell of a lot more than just status.

But yeah, just having a quick browse through the current tier lists, a few major ones aside from the stuff you've mentioned;

-Porygon2: The introduction of Eviolite has dragged P2 from the depths of NU to the top rung of usage. The combination of incredible bulk, instant recovery and it's ability Trace allow it to check or wall large numbers of Pokemon in OU.
-Blaziken: Another obvious one, thanks to the introduction of Speed Boost. Take a pokemon with already stellar attacking stats and moves and give it free boosts every turn, and you get something reallly special. I've seen some truly ridiculous Blaziken sets being tried, and they almost all work, this thing is so damn flexible now.
-Snorlax & Zapdos: Two of the few remaining OU veterans that have been top tier for the past four generations without fail, have finally given in to power creep and departed for UU. Zapdos has simply lost it's niches to the likes of Thundurus, while it doesn't appear that Snorlax has a niche at all- fighting types are just too dominant now.
-Mew & Deoxys D: Rather than becoming worse this generation, common sense merely kicked in- why were these two Uber in the first place? Deoxys had quite a nice combination of defensive prowess and speed, but it's still quite easily overcome by a lot of setup sweepers. Mew seems to have just been always banned for it's sheer versatility, and after being given a chance to hang with the peasants, it's painfully obvious he should have been here all along. It's hero to zero alright, but they didn't really deserve the title of hero in the first place.
-Deoxys S & Wobbuffett: Two Ubers who just generally suck this gen, at least in comparison to before. In Gen 4 Deoxys S was the epitome of the perfect lead, with enough speed to outpace any opponent and set up all manner of entry hazards, with enough bulk to keep it alive while it worked. It's now largely been crippled by two main factors, Team Preview and priority Taunt. Team Preview and the ability to rearrange team order has essentially killed the concept of leads we've held onto for the last 3 generations, making dedicated leads a lot less popular. There's also the combination of Prankster and Taunt, which can finally shut Deoxys down. With its role as a setup lead compromised, Deoxys S falls into mediocrity. It's still blisteringly fast, but it's offences are lacklustre and it's bulk is less relevant thanks to power creep. It's the latter of these which has also neutered Wobuffet, everything just kills it too easily now.
Kingdra: Never before has a Pokemon been so up and down in people's opinions over such a short amount of time. Previously a top drawer OU in gen 4, usage skyrocketed with the release of Drizzletoed and many were calling for a trip to Ubers. Then something put a bullet through the head of Kingdra's viability- the Drizzle/SwiftSwim combo ban. Not only did this put Kingdra back where it started, but it chucked it even further back as the other weather conditions remaining untouched. Unable to compete with the sheer dominance of Sand and Sun, Kingdra has slipped into the lowly reaches of UU.
ye it bounces back taunt, thunderwave, SR, screech ect., it's not finished yet so snorlax, deoyxs-D, wobbuffet, mew, blaziken and p2 still havn't been added yet. Nidoking is also on the short list for a mention.
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