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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death [SU]

Name: Belcarth
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Team: The Cullen
Class: Mage - Think of a mix between a druid and an Aura Guardian. He has the ability to sense, understand and 'hear' the presence of both plants and animals. Because of his bond to Jayde, his Lucario, he is able to sense and manipulate aura the same way as Lucario, and the mix between the two is that he can sense and use the aura of others, in order to heal himself, to channel power for healing others, or in rare cases weaken others. By forcefully manipulating someone else's aura, he can weaken them, while he himself is a sitting duck as all his focus goes into upholding this bond, as the person who is gettign weakened would try to ward of his mind. Sensing the aura of others, he can 'hear' the basic feelings that area on the surface, such as happiness, sorrow or anger, but not read the actual thoughts of the person. Belcarth and Lucario can speak telepathically, but only with each other(or pokemon/humans who also posess the ability to use telepathy, such as Lapras), as they have spent years together, and practiced every day. Any form of manipulation drains him of power, varying amounts depending on what he does.

Description: He stands almost 6 feet tall, with fairly long black hair. His eyes are of a deep blue color, comparable to that of the ocean. His skin is light but not pale, although his face sometimes have a red overtone due to his work as a blacksmith. Save for a cut along the side of his neck, he has no visible scars, although his hands show signs of the many hours spent by the forge and the anvil, processing and shaping the hot pieces of metal into their desired forms. The same work has subsequently hardened his body, and while he is quite strong, it does not show quite as well as one could expect.

When not in his smithy, he usually wears a leather outfit, not quite as sturdy as a piece of leather armor, but still better for protection than regular clothes. Over this outfit he wears something that looks like a mix of a long coat and a hooded robe. It's made of a light yet durable fabric, and is dark in color. This too is not for protection, but rather privacy. While wearing this coat, people will not be able to see what he carries under it, and with the hood on, he is quite adept at hiding in the shadows.

When he is armed, which more or less is every time he leaves his home, he wears a slightly curved sword on his back, looking very similar to a katana, with the blade diagonally positioned, and the handle right above his left shoulder. This is usually the only visible weapon, but under the coat he has more knives and other 'tools' hidden than any given knight, rogue or assassin. These are the tools of his trade when he is not working as a blacksmith. And should you ever be unfortunate enough to go up against him, you would do best in reevaluating the situation before acting. Belcarth is of the firm belief that 'if anything has a size and wight at least that of a coin, then it can be thrown; if something can be thrown it can cause damage'. So far that belief has never been challenged.

Personality: Because of the events of the past, Belcarth is now a very cautious man, weary of whom to trust, and always prepared to defend himself. Because of this mentality, his appearance and mood frightens many, even those who have nothing to fear from him. And the only ones who see him in any other state of mind is his companion, Jayde, as well as the brothers and sisters of the creed. While he don't trust anyone but Jayde, he is at least not as tense around the brotherhood, because he knows that they all serve a common master, Justice...

Belcarth's life began a cold winter in Itum, City of Progress. He never knew his mother, for she had died shortly after giving birth to him, but that only strengthened the bond between father and son. His father was a blacksmith, and actually quite successful at what he did. Due to their home, and the smithy, being located on the north-western outskirts of town, a lot of traders who were buying the iron ore in the mountains passed by their home on their way to the city, where they would sell it and make a profit. It didn't take long before several traders who regularly traveled that route became aquainted with Belcarth's father. As the years passed by, more and more of the traders would stop by to share a meal or drink with the inhabitants of the house, and each time they visited, they discussed business. It became a tradition that the traders would separate the better quality ores from the beginning, and for a fair price they sold it to the blacksmith who had shown them such hospitality every time they visited. And with better quality ores, his wares were far better than that of his competition within Itum.

As was tradition, Belcarth bagan working with his father at the age of 10. Simple tasks at first, but gradually he was given more and more responsibility. By the time he was 14, he was given his first proper assignment. He was to work through the entire process himself, from taking the customers order, chosing the raw materials, and actually making it from beginning to end, then sell it. And no idea did he have that this one simple task would shape his life for several years to come.

It was a late afternoon in the beginning of the summer. And the task was a simple knife. A Knight of the Red Circle had broken his, and needed to replace it.
"I'm looking for the blacksmith", the knight said, as he entered the room and looked at Belcarth's father.
"That would be me", was the reply. "What do you need?"
"My knife", the knight held up a knife, with the blade broken.
"A knife, eh? Well, that's simple enough. Would you mind talking to my son? It's about time he get his own assignments."
"I suppose that could work", the knight said and looked at Belcarth. "Are you any good at what you do kid?"
"I've been working here for 4 years, sir. Although I have never done anything on my own, not for a customer that is." Belcarth said, not quite prepared for the question.
"What do you think, can you fix this?" The knight held up the broken knife again.
"Well, that depends on how you use it." Belcarth said, while examining the knife.
"What do you mean, it's a knife, I use it like a knife." The knight said, slightly annoyed, slightly confused.
"Depending on how the knife it is used, it put's strain on the blade in different ways. Do you use it for cutting, slicing, stabbing?" Belcarth said, realizing that he might not want to know the answer to that.
"Throwing." The knight answered. "Can you fix it?"
"If it is for throwing, I would suggest reforging the blade from scratch, since I assume that balance is of importance?"
"Yeah, how it should be balanced depends on the user, but I prefer the wheight to be in the handle. How long would it take?"
"Come back the day after tomorrow, and it should be done." Belcarth said as he took the two parts of the knife.
Said and done, the knight came back, and the knife was finished.
"Show me how it works", Belcarth said. "Throwing the knife I mean."
"Now, why would I do that?" The knight said, looking at a very serious face of a 14 year old boy.
"To see if it will stay in once piece for one, and to see if the balance is ok."
"Very well, let's go outside then, it's not very safe to throw things around inside."
Once outside, the knight took out the knife, and explained that to throw the knife properly, one holds the lighter part of it, in this case the tip of the blade, then you throw it in such a way that the knife starts spinning, and what you want to do is adjust the speed and strength of the throw so that the blade is pointing in the direction of your target at the moment of impact. He then threw it at a nearby tree, and it sunk into the bark by almost an inch. Belcarth walked over to the tree, pulled it out, and examined it. The blade seemed to be intact, and he walked back to the knight.
"Can I try?" The boy asked.
"Go ahead, don't feel bad if you don't succeed though, it takes a lot of practice to make it work the way you want it."
Belcarth nodded and looked at the tree, then hi changed his grip of the knife, holding it atthe tip of the blade, and threw it. It didn't end up exactly where he wanted it, but rather below, and a little to the right of the mark left by the knife the last time. Without a word, he walked back to the tree, pulled out the knife, wiped of the blade, and handed it to the knight.
"You sure you haven't done this before?" The knight asked as he took the knife at put it in his belt where it used to be.
"Never, but it's not so difficult to understand. It's all about balance. If the balance in the knife is off, the throw isn't going to end up where you want it, right?"
"That all depends on how well the thrower can adapt, a skilled knifethrower can adapt his throw according to the imbalance of the knife.

From that day onwards, Imos, for that was the knight's name, was a regular visitor at the smithy, and as Belcarth honed his skill as a smith under his father, so he honed his skills in the art of war under Imos. And as the name of the smithy became more famous, Imos was not the only knight who came looking for their services. As Belcarth had yet to specialize in any specific area of smithing, and his father had rarely dealt with weapons, it came to be that Belcarth handled most of the knights and their requests, and in the process learned the various ways that blades could be shaped, balanced and used. And shortly, an extension to the main building was built, where Belcarth's own smithy would be located.

While the building was being constructed however, Belcarth had started to feel a bit strange, for some reason he had an unusual urge to wander around in the forest. And during some of the busiest moments of the construction, when it was impossible to get any work done, he could spend hours doing so. Eventually he began to hear things. Not voices, yet not unorganized sounds. It took him a while to figure it out, but as he spent more time in the forest, he noticed that what he heard was stronger among the trees of the forest. And that it could be nothing other than the forest itself. Then the other voice began...

As days became weeks, weeks became months, and months became years, his skills as a weaponsmith was increasing at a rapid speed and his training sessions with Imos tilted from a major disadvantage to equal, even gaining the upper hand on a few occasions. His understanding of the forest, down to the smallest of plants was amplified, and his battles to keep the lid on the other voice was growing more and more violent. And never did he tell anyone of this power of his, even though he very well understood what it was...Magic had been awaken inside him, and the dead gods were calling out to him, reaching for his power, trying to corrupt his mind.

Then, one day, early in the summer after his 16th birthday, rumors had been spreading in town. Rumors of uncontrolled magic being on the loose. To others, he seemed as concerned as any other citizen fearing for their wellbeing, but little did they know that he feared he was the source of these rumors. At training sessions with Imos he tried to ask about the rumors, but the knight was confident that it was just that, rumors, ad nothing to be afraid of. Belcarth did however never leave the smithy without the sword that he had made a few months back, and a small collection of knives hidden here and there. His father didn't like it, but he didn't care. He wanted to be able to defend himself should someone figure out who was the source of the rumored magic. To avoid contact with people, he spent most of his free time in the forest, seeking the calming effect of the forest that he had come to depend on. This calming effect that he sought was probably what saved his life.

After an unusually long walk through the forest, Belcarth arrived back late at his house, and what he saw that day would haunt him for the rest of his life. His father was lying on the floor of the smithy, his body lifeless with a knife stuck in his body. Belcarth instinctively drew his sword, and turned around to see if someone else was present. None else seemed to be in the room though, and as he looked out through the window, he saw a group of people disappearing towards the city, and the sight sent chills down his spine. The banner which was visible amoung the people was none other than that if Imos' banner. Quickly turning back towards his father, Belcarth pulled out the knife to look at it, but a glance was enough to shock him enough to drop the knife. This was the very knife he had reforged two years ago, and left little doubt as to who was responsible. As shock was replaced by anger, the 'other' voices multiplied in strength, and he suddenly felt the urge to chase after the one who had betrayed him. Halfway through the door however, his mind was clear long enough for him to remember who the voices belonged to, and he once again began to fight them. After struggling to get back the control of his own body, he let the anger be replaced with sadness, and a feeling of emptiness. His mother he had never known, the man whom he had trusted had betrayed him, and lifeless on the floor lied the last shred of family he had left.

Unsure of how long he had been sitting there on the floor, he realized that they could very well come back at any time. As he thought things over in his head, he reasoned that he could not linger any longer than absolutely necessary. He put his sword back into it's position, he picked up the knife that had been the means of betrayal, and promised himself that one day he would return it to it's rightful owner, in a manner similar to how it had been left behind. He then packed as much food as he could bring with him, along with some of the tools of his trade. He then moved his father out of the smithy, and to the house where the two of them had lived, and lit a torch. He circled around the house, setting the roof ablaze, before throwing it inside the house. With the bag on his back, and a burning building in front of him, he said a short prayer, directed at the spirit of the Lifemaker, asking for guidance on his father's behalf. He then turned around, and headed for the forest, and to the Iron Mountains.

For over a week he had been walking. The distance to the forest had not been very long, and the walk through the forest had not taken much more than a couple of hours. Then came the mountains...The Iron Mountains were relatively small at the place where he currently was, but the terrain was still quite hard to maneuver, and all the walking up and down increased the walking distance quite a lot. Almost out of food and water, he made it to the other side, but he had been completely exhausted in the process. Sitting down near a small lake he fall asleep, only to be woken up by someone standing over him. Half surpriesd, half scared, Belcarth jumped up, put his hand on the sword and turned to look at the creature standing in front of him, a Lucario. Seeming just as startled by the quick movement as Belcarth had been startled by someone standing over him, Belcarth slowly let go of the handle, tried to communicate with Lucario. While it seemed to understand what he said, it seemed to be nervous, and just stood there watching Belcarth as though it was the first human that the Lucario had ever seen, which was probably very likely considering where they were. After it had been looking at him for a while, it closed it's eyes, and to Belcarth's surprise he heard something that was similar to the voice of the forest, but somehow seemed to be more alive, or active was perhaps a better word. As the Lucario opend the eyes, the feeling faded, though not completely. And the look Belcarth received showed just as much surprise that he had just experienced. Slowly he realized that the new presence must have been the Lucario, and thus his first connection with something other than nature was born. Whatever the Lucario had done, it seemed to be enough to make it trust Belcarth. Again he felt the presence in his mind, and while the voice wasn't words, it was more like feelings and impressions that were transmitted. While it wasn't crystal clear, the basics were understandable. The Lucario, who apparently was female, lived in a cave nearby, and she were asking Belcarth to follow her, and so he did.

For over a year he lived in that cave, his bond with the Lucario growing, his understanding of the forest, and now also the creatures that inhabited it, was growing, and he rarely had to speak to the Lucario any more. She had learned to comunicate in words as well as images, and she was facinated with Belcarth's ability to understand the forest. Another year passed, and the boundries between their minds were becoming more and more blurred. The Lucario, who had always been able to distinguish between individiuals by their aura, could now distinguish between diferent species of trees and plants, and eventually even between two trees of the same kind. They were not individuals of the kind that one would see among humans, animals or pokemon, but they were different nonetheless. In reverse, Belcarth had started to develop an ability to see the aura of others, not only hear them as faint voices. As they realized that their powers were intermingled, Lucario started to train Belcarth in the manipulation of aura, and to Belcarth's amazement, he found that he could manipulate the energy of nearby trees and animals and not just himself. Over the course of this mutual training, Belcarth noticed that the eyes which had once been red, was now a dark green color. And her aura shifted to green as well.

Pokemon: Jayde(Lucario), Female - Eyes are a darker green color, compared to the regular red color, hence the name. The color of Jayde's aura, and aura abilities, are also more to the green rather than the blue which is seen in the show, movie, games. This green is a reflection of the strong bond to nature that Belcarth has, and thus shares with Jayde.

Other: If the powers described, or the changes made to Jayde aren't allowed, tell me and I will change it. I have tried to balance it though.

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