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Default Re: POKEMON FOR GERMANY VGC 2011 trades please help!

A few things:

1. You're probably not going to find anyone to EV your mons for free. That work is just annoying for anyone who does it. You should expect to receive each Pokemon as a baby or whatever lowest level they come and expect to EV train each one yourself.

2. PE2K isn't a good place to find quick (and free for that matter) trades for the VGC. You should go check larger forums such as Smogon (That's where I got mine) or Serebii or something.

Also make sure you have Europeon originated Pokemon. If the European VGC rules are anything like the North American VGC rules, then foreign Pokemon won't be allowed.

And before you ask, no I don't have anything to give you nor would I be able to because all my Pokemon originated from a North American game disk/cartridge/thing

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