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Default Re: WAR X Judge Applications

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
Name: Charmander009

Team: Elemental

Sections: I'm not too confident in my own abilities, but I'll apply to be back-up judges for fan-fiction (<--maybe normal, if needed), graphic art, and role-playing (<--um, or normal judge for this one if needed)

EDIT: I'll also apply for Creative Writing, main judge :)

WAR Experience: War IX (yeah... only one ^^')

Section Experience:


I haven't put up many fanfictions lately--mostly due to lack of inspiration--but I've learned a lot about fan-fic writing since joining this forum. I managed to win Fan Fic of the Year for 2009, as well as winning an award in 2010 for a one-shot fic.

Graphic Art--

Even with just a GIMP program, I greatly enjoy doing Graphic Art entries. I've improved with my skills greatly over the years, as you can see in my current gallery here.


This section is where I spend a lot of time here on Pe2k lately. I've been in several different RPs and have a good feel for what makes a good story--and what doesn't. I haven't participated in a lot of war-like or WAR-related RPs--I tend to like more of the adventuring kind rather than the stradegic RPs. However, I have participated in Team RPs (uh, but not for very long), and well as the Inter-forum RP we did. One achievement in this category includes the time I won the RP-creation contest the forum did a while back.

Creative Writing--

While I haven't shared any of my creative writing here on Pe2k, I've done plenty of creative writing--mostly short stories and novelettes. I've taken several different college English classes, and I am adept at critiquing work, I think.
I've added Creative Writing to my application :)

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