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Default The Darkness

Ok, this was a short story I typed up and uploaded to deviantART, and I want some feedback on it from you amazing people =P

The Darkness... a cold and lonely place to be in when entering within it. It was where all of the evil, the horror, entered from our world into this 'supposedly' non-existent realm. All of those scientists, those 'researchers', they knew nothing. Their false information and their faked experiments. The truth was, nobody knew how this place had come to be and how to get within it, but I thought of something else amid these two, unsolvable questions. How did we know of this place? It was all fine asking how and why is it there, but what about what we know? How, since birth, have we heard of this place? The answer, in the end, was simple: We live in it.

The silence was digging into my skull by now, but I knew I had to continue my thoughts, as well as keep up with them. I felt as if, with every thought, every conclusion, that I had made, it escaped from my head and was being cast away by the invisible seas of the Darkness. How could I catch them, how could I chase after them and bring them back, implant them all the way to the thinking part of my brain? It seemed impossible, and this pain was relentless...

I have to keep from going off-task. I have a theory to prove and I will not rest until I have thought it out thoroughly.

As I said, we lived within the Darkness itself. Those of us who pay attention can catch small, yet unapproachable, glimpses of this Darkness, yet it disappears back into this realm that I float within. This told me one thing, it was getting stronger. If the Darkness was able to break through this realm, and into the world of Lilia, it would be undeniable that this realm, in itself, is gaining the strength, the power to seep through. This could become dangerous, if the Darkness were to get into our world...

Voices... silent, yet distinct voices. My time is running out, this is the only moment I can draw this conclusion, the only time I can remember what I have learnt here. I need to pull all of my thoughts together, to hurry this up. There is not enough time to be wasting the most precious moments I have.

At night, as we look around our rooms, we continually see changing shapes. This isn't your eyes adjusting to the changes of light within the room, it is the Darkness making itself known. It seems to be stronger at night, when the real darkness of our world comes, it seems to be able to fend it off, and break away from its own realm into our colourful, voiceful world. When we close our eyes, those shapes you see is the Darkness reaching out at you. When you stare too long, it takes you away, it grabs you and pulls, dragging you away from the home you love and left to die in a realm where nothing is everywhere. That's why we open our eyes when we see this Darkness, we are afraid of what lies behind the shapes, of what we might face.

The voices, the noises, they are much louder now. They are stabbing into my brain, my ears, my body, as I'm being pulled away. I need more time! This is my only chance! I must prevail!

The Darkness, it's growing stronger, it's changing, it's developing a consciousness, why else would it begin to take people away? Nine times out of ten, a missing person isn't kidnapped or murdered, it's the Darkness tearing them away from our world. We are being devoured by this 'beast'. It is not a realm any more, it's becoming a thing. I see the sparks of it's nerves within this creature's brain, as it watches me state my facts to it. It's smiling at me, it's grin so large, so white, that it's beginning to frighten me so much, that I want to crawl into a ball and just stay there, rocking back and forth, forever.

If the Darkness was to break through, there would be nothing of our world, no birds, no forests, no busy cities. These aren't the worst things to worry about... What about sound? Colours, weather and us? We would be wiped out. It's inevitable, the Darkness is going to arrive soon, and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

I'm being dragged away, back to where I had come from, I need to collect my thoughts, I need more time to find out what the Darkness wants, how we can stop it, how-


Slowly, my eyes opened, the sudden light burning into my skull. I groaned, pain striking me in all places. Doctors stood around me, and then there was my Mother. Her face was so red, her tears distinct on her small, round face. I came to the conclusion that my Father was with my younger sister and brother, keeping them calm as my Mother watched what she believed to be my death. However, I had cheated the Lord of Death myself, and for that, I was thankful.

I had almost forgot about my trip to the Darkness, leaving it always had the possibility that you'd forget everything you had witnessed, however I was lucky. I remember everything, my conclusions, my facts, my statements, and the beast itself. The only way I had managed to get to it was by making a correlation with death and the Darkness' realm, therefore I had tried to kill myself to get there.

From the corner of my eye, a dark, circular blot had caught my attention, and, as I turned to face it, I was racked with fear. Almost every time you turned to look at the Darkness that had caught your eye, it would immediately disappear. However, this was not so. It lingered there for a few moments, taunting me as I shuddered and felt the hairs on the back of my neck stick up. As it disappeared into nothing, I came to a final, and destined conclusion: Lilia was doomed, and all that was within it would die a swift, and eerie silent, death.
Feedback? =P

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