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Default Re: 1. New Gameplay Mechanics, Moves, Items and Abilities (Part 1)

Originally Posted by Viva la Gofre View Post
Thanks for the sticky, whoever did that =P

Parts 3 & 4 should be coming soon, when Smogon announce their full tier lists. ETA on that is mid-March, so hopefully this will all be finished by the time everybody's completed their game run-throughs and looking towards wifi.
Given that well defined tiers have existed for the last month or so, I feel now might be a good time to fill the remaining sections of this thread, those being an analysis of new threats and analyses of old threats in their new tiers. However with dozens of segments to write, I'd rather not waste my time if people don't think it's necessary. So if you'd like to see this article continue to be expanded, drop a message below and if there's enough support, I'll get cracking [=
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