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Default Re: _|-Individual RP: Fotosynthesis-|_

Ranger : Rex

Location : Outpost #5 (Mt. Oktori)

Individual Run - Synthesis



"Alright, Raichu. Mienfoo is a Fighting type so that means he is gonna be weak to Psychic and Flying attacks. You have none of those type moves," He said, stating the obvious. His Raichu looked at him and shook her head disappointedly. "Luckily you have plenty of powerful moves and move combos. Let's start off with a Focus Blast and then try and trip him up with a Grass Knot." I just started laughing at his strategy, he was sure dumb. While he was calling out stupid attacks, the Mienfoo charged at Raichu, slamming his fists into the rat's face. Raichu went flying back into a rock. I cringed a little, that fallback looked like it hurt.

Raichu groaned quietly and got back up. She began forming a brownish orb of some kind of energy. I wasn't sure exactly what it was, but I knew it was a powerful attack. While it was a powerful attack, it surely wasn't a super effective move and would barely did anything. Raichu took aim and she prepared the brown ball. It grew bigger and bigger.

When it was about the size of soft ball, she launched it at the Fighting type Pokemon. I saw a grin form on his face as he lowered his body and prepared to jump. As the orb approached, I saw Mienfoo still hadn't moved. I looked closely and saw he was desperatly trying to jump out of the way, but the paralysis was preventing him from doing so. The Focus Blast made contact with his body, causing a small explosion.

Mienfoo let out a growl as he forced himself out of the paralysis. He got up and began charging at Raichu, which I guess is exactly what she wanted. I saw a wink in her eye and a small twitch in her left hand as a small piece of grass tied into a knot right in front of where Mienfoo was running, causing him to trip and fall. It caused a bit of damage, but he seemed more pissed off then hurt. I wasn't sure this was a good thing.


Battle Stats:

Mienfoo [51% PAR Used Force Palm] vs Raichu [61% Used Focus Blast, Grass Knot]

Character Count: 4944/9000

Name: James Brehon
Location: Mt. Oktori
Money: 24,900


Super Balls x5, Hyper Balls x3, Pokeplayer: Sneasel Voice Disk, Porygon Voice Disk, Zorua Voice Disk, Zorua Voice Disk, Solosis Voice Disk, Petille Voice Disk, Ferroseed Voice Disk, Tropius Voice Disk, Mienfoo Voice Disk, Ice Type Repellent, Super Potion x4, Max Potion x3, Max Revive x2, Super Squirt Bottle, Pokedolls x1, Pax-a-Punch


Aerodactyl/M/Rock Head/Brave
EMs: TM Substitute, TM Protect, BM Pursuit, MT Aqua Tail

Starmie/G/Natural Cure/Docile
EMs: TM Thunderbolt, TM Ice Beam, TM Grass Knot, TM Psych Up, TM Water Pulse, TM Skill Swap, TM Substitute, TM Protect, MT Trick, HM Surf, HM Waterfall

EMs: TM Rain Dance, TM Grass Knot, TM Brick Break, TM Hidden Power: Dark, TM Focus Blast, TM Substitute, TM Attract, TM Curse, TM Captivate, TM Light Screen, TM Reflect, TM Swagger, TM Protect, TM Focus Punch, BM Encore, BM Fake Out, BM Endeavour, BM Wish, SM Surf, MT Magnet Rise, BM Yawn, BM Teeter Dance
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