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Default Re: Elbub vs. MadHairGirl (OPEN)


[Fable] Nidoran (M)
Ability: Poison Point
Health: 32%
Energy: 76%
Status: Seriously aggravated. [CRS @ 50%]
Dodge/Peck ~ Peck


[Terror] Gastly (F)
Ability: Levitate
Health: 45%
Energy: 49%
Status: Smirking and laughing.
Shadow Ball ~ Shadow Ball

Round Three

Fable watched his foe warily. Terror looked battered, but not as badly as Fable felt. He knew his opponent had to have some sort of nasty trick up her proverbial sleeve, something to cause the Nidoran even more pain than what he was already in.

However, at this point Terror had grown bored of tormenting her foe and was now simply about to end his misery. She opened her big jaws wide, revealing gleaming fangs. Inside her mouth, purplish darkness began to gather in a hazy ball. The sphere swelled, pulsing with an ethereal glow, and Terror pointed her mouth at Fable. The Nidoran swallowed nervously as he realized that he saw a smile tugging at the corners of Terror's stretched lips.

With a whoosh, the ball of darkness flew forward, leaving purple trails as it went. Fable attempted to leap to his left, but Terror had pinpoint accuracy and the Nidoran's tired limbs were just too slow. The Shadow Ball hit Fable full force, exploding in a burning dark fog and leaving Fable's mind reeling, his nerves screeching.
[Shadow Ball: Fable, -18% HP; Terror, -11% Energy; Dodge (FAILED): Fable, -3% Energy]

Terror was relentless, and Fable's failed sidestep had been an exertion despite said failure. The Gastly opened her mouth wide yet again, and again darkness swirled in purple pulsing vortexes to form a single sphere. That sphere shot from Terror's wide red maw with the same whoosh as before. But this time, Fable didn't resist as the ball of darkness burned away the last of his endurance. The Shadow Ball came to him as a form of release; as the shadows washed over his body, his vision also blackened. He was unconscious, his body resting in an attempt to restore the vitality it had lost. The referee lifted her hand and declared Elbub and Terror the victors of this skirmish.
[Shadow Ball: Fable, -18% HP; Terror, -11% Energy]


[Fable] Nidoran (M)
Status: Blissfully resting. [K-O'ed.]


[Terror] Gastly (F)
Status: Grinning and gloating.

Ref Notes
Crit Rolls for Shadow Ball were 50 and 67, with 1-6.25 Critting.
Since Fable had very low HP and semi-low Energy, and plus Nidorans are slow, the Dodge fails.
Easy moneys!
It's night time. :D
Double POST!

Elbub wins $10 for winning.
MadHairGirl gets $5 for battling the King.
Tsuna gets $5 for reffing MY BATTLE one awesome round.
I, Velocity, get $10 for reffing and my general awesomeness.

Peace out folks.
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