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Smile WAR Season X Begins!

I lost.

And the world was plunged into turmoil.

Ten years ago I fought to preserve the peace. To uphold the noble values of truth, honor and justice. With the cooperation of those with like-minded ideals, I succeeded. We defeated our foes and brought harmony to a world torn by war.

But it was all for naught.

The hearts of men and monster cannot be changed so easily. Their thoughts and plans simmered beneath the surface… awaiting the right time to emerge.

We, reveling in our victory, were blind to their intentions. Chaos struck again. Conflict arose from new and old enemies alike.

And in the end, in the heat of combat, I fell into a long slumber…

Now… I awaken, only to discover that the world has changed much from the one I left. My allies and enemies are gone, now pages and footnotes within the book of history. But their departure has not altered the hearts of those who remain. On the contrary, those hearts are as determined as ever.

It will be up to these new heroes and villains to chart the course of our world. Upon their shoulders lies the weight of their dreams and within their hands they hold the keys to victory. They will fight for their future to the best of their ability because they believe in themselves and each other.

But in the end, only one ideal, one team, will emerge victorious. I hope they are ready.

Because War looms on the horizon.

~ Page 273, Harry Kim’s Journal

Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to War Season 10. As Head War Leader, I am excited to organize this year's iteration of one of my favorite events.

I was around for War Season I, and during that time I experienced weeks of intense competition and amazing struggle. I fought tooth and nail to help my team reach victory and achieve greatness in the eyes of all.

And now this year, you have the chance to do the same.

The War is an event of wondrous excitement. Members from all over the community can come together and share in this grand adventure. Whether you're an artist or a writer, a roleplayer or a battler, there is always a way for you to contribute to your team's success.

Do your best. The competition is fierce and the challenges are difficult. Fight for victory and work together. In the end, only the true champions will emerge as winners of this five-week conflict.

The War is upon us. It is in your hands now.

Good luck.
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