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Default Re: [WAR X] - URPG Section

WAR Battle 1

The Cullen's Bumblebee vs Villainous Incorporated: League of Evil's Ayotui

BW Revolution
Default Terrain
No Starting Weather
No Holds
Sleep/Freeze/OHKO Clauses

Infernape, Hydreigon, [Starmie] vs Ninjask, Cradily, Gliscor

[Ninjask | Infernape]: Substitute | Substitute; Swords Dance | Swords Dance; Aerial Ace (Sub breaks) | Roar (Cradily in);
[Cradily | Infernape]: Switch to Gliscor | Substitute;
[Infernape | Gliscor]: Will-O-Wisp (hits) | Acrobatics (sub breaks); Stealth Rock | Rock Polish; [G|I]: Acrobatics | Flare Blitz (recoil KOs) | Burn KOs Gliscor;
[Ninjask | Hydreigon]: X-Scissor | Charge Beam (hits, no rise) KO;
[Hydreigon | Cradily]: Focus Blast (hits, no drop) | Rock Polish; [C|H]: Confuse Ray | Flash Cannon KO;

Bumblebee wins and gets $2,000 + 1 win for The Cullen
Ayotui loses and gets $1,000
Ash K. refs and gets $2,000
Ash K.'s unpaid WAR salary: $2,000
Ash K.'s all time ref wages: $156,500

BMG/PWN/PXR/EGC's Ash K.; here for URPG (and possibly WAR).
URPG Stats
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