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Default Re: [OPEN] Diamond1304 vs MadHairGirl


Under the sun, the landscape of sparse grass, boulders, hard-baked and hard-packed dirt looked harsh and inhospitable. The three humans standing under the gaze of the great frowning star Sol were only there because of one crucial thing the place offered: space, and a goodly amount of it.

Two of them faced each other warily; the other watched with some boredom from under a parasol's cool shade. The girl with the parasol signaled to the guy on her right. "Challenger sends first," she yawned. The sun's heat was making her tired.

The guy nodded, then pulled a Pokeball out of his belt after a few seconds' brief consideration. He tossed the Pokeball at the ground, and it burst open, emitting a glowing red beam of energy. At the end of the beam formed a vague shape; as the beam faded color appeared and the shape took true form: a hairy yellow bug with blue eyes and short, pick-footed legs. The Joltik let out a cry and gnashed its pincers beneath the 'mustache' of yellow fur that concealed them.

The girl smiled at this choice and knew that her own decision could easily give her the upper hand. She tossed her own 'ball, and this time a vulpine creature appeared in the red. It had six curling auburn tails, with a silky coat of pale sepia adorning its small, graceful body. Four curls of hair the same color as its tails were arranged between pointed ears and above intelligent chocolate-colored eyes. The Vulpix glared primly at the nervous bug-and-electric Joltik. The referee watched with interest to see if Diamond would be able to turn the tables or fall to his advantaged opponent MadHairGirl.


[Volk] Joltik (M)
Ability: Swarm
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: A little nervous, but he's not giving in.
Double Team ~ Agility


[Ashe] Vulpix (F)
Ability: Flash Fire
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%
Status: Wanting a curbstomp.
Fire Spin ~ Flame Burst

Round One

Volk leaped into action eagerly, not wanting to be taken sitting down. He began to race around in a small circle, his stubby feet flying and blowing up little dust plumes in the dirt. As Ashe watched, she realized that she could see not one Joltik, but three images of the rushing bug, shimmering as they moved through the dust. So great was Volk's speed - and the energy he put into his movement - that he had created two other images of himself that moved as he did and imitated his every action. He skidded to a halt and as he did so, the other two Joltiks stopped beside him. He lifted a foot to test the clones; they both lifted the same foot. Ashe frowned in annoyance as she realized that nothing save for luck would allow her attack to hit the real Volk.
[Double Team: Volk, -6% Energy, +2 Clones]

Ashe growled, calling up her internal fiery energy to try to right the scales in this battle. Taking aim at one of the Joltiks - completely at random - she opened her mouth. Fire bubbled up from her gut and collected in a swirling ball between her sharp teeth. No Joltik moved as Ashe gathered the gyrating blaze.

With a sudden flash, Ashe let the fire whirl out in a cone of fire-ribbons. The radiant blaze flew at the intended Joltik, as though to surround and ensnare it as it would often ensnare its prey with webs. However, the Joltik - whether it was clone or otherwise - was not about to be captured. It leaped to the left instead - with surprising speed - and caused all the other Joltik to leap as well. Another snarl came from Ashe as the fire hurtled harmlessly past 'Volk' before splashing against a boulder.
[Fire Spin: Ashe, -3% Energy]

The three Volks giggled together, clicking their hidden mandibles in evident amusement. They regrouped, forming a line, and then began to run around in a triangle yet again. This time, however, all three of them stayed three, though they moved much faster and once again they shimmered through the dust that they brought up around themselves. When the trio stopped, they all looked significantly more alert. The real Volk felt his mind and limbs tingling with the excess energy from his run. He smiled furtively as he thought how well he was turning the tables on his spitfire-esque foe.
[Agility: Volk, -3% Energy]

However, Ashe was not to be put off, for she had a strategy. Once again she opened her mouth and once again fire boiled out into her mouth. This time, however, the flame glowed significantly brighter and looked more like molten napalm than regular fire. She spat the glob out, and it exploded in the midst of the Joltiks. True to its name and nature, the Flame Burst attack launched flame all over Volk and his clones, shattering them. Volk squealed in surprise as he felt the flame singe through his spiky hair, and Ashe smirked as she watched the reminder of why bug types did not like fire types unfold.
[Flame Burst: Volk, -15% HP; Ashe, -8% Energy]


[Volk] Joltik (M)
Ability: Swarm
Health: 85%
Energy: 91%
Status: Irked that his clones are gone.


[Ashe] Vulpix (F)
Ability: Flash Fire
Health: 100%
Energy: 89%
Status: Confident that this will be done soon.

Ref Notes
Fire Spin Accuracy Roll was 89, with 1-85 hitting something - Volk or clone.
Flame Burst's Crit Roll was 13, with 1-6.25 Critting.
I decided that since Flame Burst hits everything in a Triple Battle, it should hit three Joltiks, no? If there's a problem with this somebody needs to tell me but I believe I am in the right here.
I'm tired so I probably forgot something. :/
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