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Default Re: OPEN BATTLE: Dino vs. 3m0d0ll.

Flashing lights welcomed me into the room as I entered. One of the trainers who entered with me had to shield their eyes from the brightness within the arena. As far as I could understand, the arena had been thought up by the other trainer, Dino, as the arena for his gym. This battle would be a test for him so that he could get used to battling in his own arena. The other trainer, the one who was shielding their eyes with one arm, was 3m0d0ll – she certainly wasn’t going to make it easy for the potential gym leader. The two contestants took up their places on either side of the room while I stayed close to the door. With the battle about to start, the flashing lights ceased, leaving white tiles which would illuminate based on whose pokémon was standing on them. I motioned for the battle to begin and each trainer chose a poké ball; they were tossed into the air almost simultaneously and split at about the same time. A metallic beast of incredible intelligence materialised in front of 3m0d0ll while a black carrion bird rose before Dino – the tiles beneath them had turned green and purple respectively. The two combatants watched each other cautiously –both knew that this wouldn’t be easy but both of them would give it everything they could and go down fighting if they had to.

Round One


Metang (X)

HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Ready to go
Moves: Sandstorm ~ Toxic


[Coel] Honchkrow (M)

HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Condition: Looking forward to this
Moves: Night Slash/Calm Mind ~ Nasty Plot

Coel managed to sneak in first. He gathered the powers of darkness and shadow, which was harder than it sounded in a room filled with lights, inside his body and prepared to unleash them on the Metang. The metal creature could only watch as the crow pushed off the ground and sped towards it; however, the glaring red eyes showed no sign of fear. It knew that the attack could hurt much more than it looked like it would but faced it only with the determination and fearlessness that befitted one of its kind. The Commander of Murkrow swooped in on Metang while channelling the stored up energy into his feet and talons. He struck the steel-type, leaving scratched along his side; fortunately, the attack hadn’t done too much damage... this time.

Now it was time to fight back – but Metang remained still. I rubbed my eyes and looked again at the pokémon; surely he hadn’t given up already. Something strange was going on here. I looked again and this time saw two piles of sand beneath each of its deadly claws – what was going on? Sand was pouring out of the monster’s claws but it wasn’t doing anything with it; then it was. As small particles of rock flew all over the place, 3m0d0ll smiled sweetly, her goggles already covered her eyes. I struggled to get mine on so that I could see what in the world was going on. This battle seemed to be getting interesting.

Now that the whole battlefield seemed to have been turned against him, Coel knew that it wasn’t a good idea to try and attack for the time being. Rather than that, he would hone his skills so that he could deal more damage when he did decide to attack. He watched his adversary carefully, making a mental note of where its weak points were and planning how he could hit them to cause more damage. By the time he’d finished analysing his opponent’s defences he knew that he would be able to hit harder than he could before.

And he was going to have to if his opponent had anything to do with it. The metal beast was immune to the deadly poisons which could cripple others, like Coel, but that wasn’t going to stop it using them in order to gain an advantage. Its claw-like hand took on a purple hue as he stored up deadly a deadly mixture of toxins that could fell a Wailord if given enough time. 3m0d0ll’s pokémon stepped forward and thrust one purple claw into Coel’s chest. The Honchkrow squawked and retreated a little to make a gap between himself and the opponent; his fluffy plumage had been badly damaged by the attack and now a horrible poison was running through his blood. To make matters worse, the sandstorm buffeted the flying-type until he was forced to land to avoid smashing a wall; the sandstorm had hurt him more than he’d like to say. For Dino, this battle was now a race against time – could he manage to bring down Metang before his bird was unable to continue.

Luckily for Coel,his adversary had suffered a little at the end of the round. If you looked carefully then you would have seen it step forward at the end of the round; you would have seen it step onto a purple tile. Now its eyes had begun to go misty and its vision was impaired. It would be much harder for the psychic beast to hit the Honchkrow during the next round, giving him a chance to strike.


Metang (X)

HP: 89%
Energy: 87%
Condition: Enjoying the fight so far; under the effects of fog


[Coel] Honckrow (M)

HP: 92%
Energy: 91%
Condition: Eager to get his own back; +2 Special Attack; Toxic-poisoned

Night Slash- (Honchkrow -6% Energy; Metang -11% HP)
Sandstorm- (Metang -7% Energy; a sandstorm started)
Nasty Plot- (Honchkrow -3% Energy, +2 Special Attack)
Toxic- (Rolled 38/100, 90 or less to hit; Metang -6% Energy; Honchkrow toxic-poisoned)
Toxic- (Honchkrow -2% HP)

Arena Notes
Sandstorm- (Honchkrow -6% HP)
Metang- Rolled 11/100, 20 or less for a lighted tile. Rolled 15, fog.
Honchkrow- Rolled 33/100, 20 or less for a lighted tile.

Team Notes
3 Pokémon remaining
3 Pokémon remaining