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Default Re: --horror-- [Collection of Short Stories]

This story is based on something that happened to me and a friend. The last two paragraphs aren't true we did find the knife. Censored for spoiler.

You could be next...

I'm standing in my friend's kitchen. On the side there is a glass, a jar of honey and a tiny bottle of red food dye. "So, are you ready?" My friend, Elana, asks. I nod my head silently; I don't want to wake her parents up. Elana picks up the glass and fills three-quarters of it up with water, then places it back on the side. I twist the lid off the jar of honey. Elana sildes open a drawer and hands me a spoon.

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" I ask quickly.

"Come on, it's just for a joke," Elana says, smiling.

"Fine," I say, not very amused. I take a spoonful of honey and put it into the water. Elana puts a tiny drop of red food dye in and I mix it all around. "Right, it's done," I say and hand the glass with our mixture in to Elana. She pours it onto the wooden floor, then takes a knife from the sink then places it in the fake blood she had just poured on the floor.

Taking the half-full glass of fake blood with her, Elana exits the kitchen, and I follow her out. She places the glass onto the table. I stand by the wall that has a red stain on. The red stain has always been there. Elana even has a picture of her as a little girl and it has the red stain in it.

I never bothered to ask her what it was, I've always assumed it was paint, but looking closer at it, it looks more like blood. "Elana," I say. She turns her head towards me. "What is this?" I ask, pointing to the stain.

"I'm not sure," she replies, "it's been there ever since my parents bought the house."

I stare at the stain for while. “Did you know what that knocking was last night?” She just shakes her head. Five minutes later I ask, "Can we have breakfast?" Elana goes into the kitchen, followed by me. I look to check on the fake blood. It's gone. There is no sign it was there before, either. "Did anyone come into the kitchen?" I ask.

"No. Why?" Elana replies before also seeing that the fake blood is gone. She's speechless. I remember that we'd put a knife in the fake blood.

"Where's the knife?" I ask, very scared. Both Elana and I look around, but it's not there. I look down to the floor again. "Not here," I say. I look up to the back door. There is a black figure standing outside, something silver glinting in its hand. Elana looks up too.

Manic laughter is all we can hear. Both I and Elana run off screaming. I quickly turn back. Written on the wall, just above the stain, in red are the words, 'You're next.'

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