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Default Re: --horror-- [Collection of Short Stories]

This is a story me and a friend came up with. We were trying to freak each other out, so I told her this while we were alone outside at midnight. Yes, I did scare her. xD

One Glass of Water
Believe in ghosts...

Every night after Mia and Lily had gone to bed, Lily would ask Mia to make her a drink of water. Mia, being older, would do that for her sister because Lily was afraid of the ghosts. Mia used to be afraid of ghosts when she was younger, but grew out of it.

Their mother had once told them that she had a younger sister, four years younger than herself, who died at the age of nine because of ghosts. This story scared Mia and Lily, but when Mia got to the age of ten she just thought that it was silly.

So one night, at half past nine in the evening, Lily asked Mia to get her a drink. Mia got out of bed and went down the stairs. There was a moaning sound coming from the cupboard under their stairs. The cupboard was always locked, but this time it had been left open.

Mia, being nosy, opened the cupboard. She looked in when a ghostly pale hand reached out for her she jumped backwards in shock screaming. She closed her eyes, hoping it was a dream, but when she reopened them she found that she wasn’t.

She stepped forward and tried to pull the cupboard open, but it wouldn’t budge. Sighing in relief, she skipped into the kitchen. She grabbed a glass off of the kitchen table and filled it up with water. She took it upstairs to her and Lily’s room. When she went in she put the glass on their bedside table.

She told Lily that she’d made her water, but Lily didn’t answer. Mia lifted her sister’s duvet up, and Lily wasn’t in bed. Mia assumed she was in the toilet and went to bed.
In the morning she awoke to find that Lily still wasn’t in bed. Suddenly the glass of water fell onto the floor and shattered into thousands of pieces, and just at that moment, Mia heard her sister scream, but knew it wasn’t coming from their room, but the cupboard under the stairs...

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