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Default 「THEE Pokemon Rental thread」

Instead of giving random, filler, I'm just going to get to the chase, because I know how boring introductions can be. <3

So here it is.
How to Rent Pokemon: I n s h o r t.

Well, the renting process is, in itself, short, so... xD But anyway, all you have to do to rent a Pokemon is post stating all of the Pokemon's information, such as it's species, Ability, gender, etc. Example is below:
I'm renting a Pikachu.

Ability: Static.
Note: Rented Pokemon will not have a nickname or a Signature move, nor can you apply either of those things to a Rented Pokemon, since they are only in your possession for a single battle. Of course, you cannot rent banned Pokemon or apply banned Abilities. You also can't ask for a Pokemon with an incorrect gender. For example, you cannot ask for a female Rufflet or a male Staryu.

Official Pokemon Rental Rules, Regulations, and Restrictions: B e c a u s e e v e r y o n e l i k e s r u l e s.

Rules and Restrictions:
>> You will be paid less at the end of a battle depending on how many rented Pokemon you used, no matter if you won or lost (see "Payment").
>> You cannot rent Pokemon if you are not in a battle.
>> You cannot use Rented Pokemon to battle other Gym Leaders.
>> You cannot use Rented Pokemon to battle in a Tournament.
>> You cannot use rented Pokemon to battle out side of the Gym Leader board.
>> You cannot have the Rented Pokemon in your 'Inventory' once your current battle is completed.
>> You cannot rent Pokemon unless you are a Gym Leader.

Win with 0 rentals: $30 | Lose with 0 rentals: $15
Win with 1 rentals: $25 | Lose with 1 rentals: $13
Win with 2 rentals: $20 | Lose with 2 rentals: $11
Win with 3 rentals: $20 | Lose with 3 rentals: $9
Win with 4 rentals: $15 | Lose with 4 rentals: $7
Win with 5 rentals: $10 | Lose with 5 rentals: $5
Win with 6 rentals: $5 ..| Lose with 6 rentals: $3

Well, I'm pretty sure that I covered everything. :) If you have any questions, don't be afraid to VM/PM Paperfairy, Lord Fedora, and/or myself.

Gl & hf.

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