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Default Re: Auction Room

Considering Jack will be on hiatus for another two months, I suppose I'll be taking over things over for this auction.

Yes, this auction is over so the winner is DarkGardevoir for $6500! Please tell me which hold item you want and remove those funds from your stats. This is the first hold item we ever sold, so use it wisely.

Since everyone is so busy waiting for the next auction, I'll start it now while I'm here.

This next pokemon is known to actually plant itself in the ground. Though you will only catch itself doing this during the day, for at night this cute grass-type will walk around spreading its seeds. If you're interested in Pokemon who can affect your opponent's pokemon in a variety of ways, this pokemon is for you. Yes, I present Oddish!

This cute creature can be yours for the highest bid. Begin!

Note: This bid will end in two weeks on February 12th.
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