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Default Re: Lessening dependency on the Staff Board

Originally Posted by HKim View Post
New Forum Structure:

==Intro Boards

+Pokemon News

+Forum Front Desk (Announcements, Questions, Answers, Suggestions)

+New Member Introductions

==Pokemon Main Boards

+Pokemon: General Board

+Pokemon: Black & White

+Pokemon: Games
++First & Second Generations
++Third Generation
++Fourth Generation
++Other Pokemon Games

+Pokemon: Interactive Center
++Battling Center (Clans and Tournaments)
++Trading Center
++Competitive Battling (Strategy and Learning)
++Wifi League


==Interactive Boards

++Roleplay Discussion
++Tabletop Adventures

+Creative Writing
++Author's Corner

+Art (Threads may be created/posted here)
++Sprite Art


+Creative Dex

==Other Boards

+Other Chat

==Pokemon RPG's

+Pokemon Ultra RPG
+Anime-Style Battling League
+Pokemon Online League

Note: Members will be allowed to create polls in all boards.
To be honest, I find this pretty exact.

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