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Default Re: Open Battle: Dino vs. Hitmonfighter


[Coel] Honchkrow (M)
Ability: Super Luck
Health: 100%
Energy: 92%
Status: Ready to get his 'hands' dirty.
Screech ~ Night Slash/Psych Up

[Aquae] Octillery (F)
Ability: Moody
Health: 100%
Energy: 83%
Status: Enjoys attacking the helpless. [+2 ATK, -1 SDEF]
Screech ~ Seed Bomb/Double Team


[Melody] Mantyke (F)
Ability: Water Absorb
Health: 96%
Energy: 85%
Status: Struggling to hold back tears. [PAR, Aqua Ring]
Toxic ~ Surf

[Water Drop] Vaporeon (M)
Ability: Water Absorb
Health: 92%
Energy: 93%
Status: This isn't good. [PAR]
Toxic ~ Aqua Ring

Round Two

A smile seemed to appear on Coel's beak as he watched the frightened Mantyke huddling against her protective Vaporeon friend. However, he would have to single out one of them for his tormentation. Water Drop could not protect Melody from everything.

Coel flapped his wings and rose into the air. He drove at Water Drop, who dodged easily to the side. Coel rose back into the sky - his intention had been only to separate Water Drop from Melody. The Honchkrow then went into a dive, straight at Melody. He opened his beak and let out a piercing screech, so far out of hearing range that it transformed into rings of angry red energy. The rings surrounded Melody in a tunnel of humming, all-encompassing sound that was agonizingly loud and shrill. Melody whimpered and tried to tuck in her wings; she felt her guard drop greatly as she did so.
[Screech: Coel, -3% Energy; Melody, -2 DEF]

Even as the noise was fading from Melody's tortured eardrums, Aquae was sidling through the grass toward Water Drop. The Vaporeon turned to growl at the octopus, but Aquae was undaunted. She let out a banshee shriek identical to Coel's. Water Drop howled and dropped, feeling like his eardrums were about to explode with the noise. That sound became all he could focus on - which meant that guarding himself was out of the question.
[Screech: Aquae, -3% Energy; Water Drop, -2 DEF]

Water Drop looked at his tormentor and glared loathingly at the smug Octillery. He would bring her down to size, showing her just how much fun it was to pick on Paralyzed Pokemon. He felt his stomach churn with a gurgling, tingling sensation as poison filled it. He winced as the burning toxins traveled up into his throat and began to well into his mouth, making his nerves burn. He opened his jaws and spat powerfully at Aquae, sending a fizzing pile of purple sludge flying at his astonished foe. Aquae made an odd squelching noise as the poisons coated her skin and sent poison seeping into her pores. She managed to shake the rest of it off before glaring violently at Water Drop.
[Toxic: Aquae, +TOX; Water Drop, -6% Energy]

Meanwhile, almost simultaneously, Melody had been doing something very similar to Water Drop. Facing Coel, she began to draw poison out of her guts and into her mouth. She opened her jaws and, with a release of breath, she sent just a tiny little drip of poison onto Coel's chest. The Honchkrow had been paying little attention to Melody's delicate attack; he eyed his feathers with a calm expression and brushed the gloop off with his wing; little did he know that the poison had already sunk into his veins and was now doing its crippling job within Coel's body.
[Toxic: Coel, +TOX; Melody, -6% Energy]

But Coel was not about to reciprocate the dainty restraint of his attacker. He leaped into the air yet again, but this time he was on the offensive. His great wings began to glow violet, filled with a dark energy. He could feel his blood boil with the thrill of the power he controlled, and he knew the best place that he could exercise this energy. He angled his body so that he could dive with his lit-up wings still extended, coming straight for a petrified-looking Melody. His right wing sliced across Melody's vulnerable little body, in the especially tender region on the 'armpit' of her right wing. Melody cried out as the pain racked her; she looked up at Coel to show her pain and fear as her wound throbbed with agony. Coel adopted a bored countenance.
[Night Slash: Coel, -6% Energy; Melody, -58% HP]

Aquae was next in continuing the ruthless offensive. She pointed her wide mouth at Water Drop, once again bringing up energy that was caustic to her own type: the energy of Grass. Inside her mouth, something glowed green. She poured all of her energy into it until her 'snout' bulged with something that was definitely solid, big, and round. With a great puff of air, Aquae let fly the giant seed, sending it straight at Water Drop. The seed landed squarely on Water Drop's back, exploding on his body and sending a wave of agony through his spine. His knees went weak, and for a second, he almost fell. His ears rang from the explosion, and suddenly his every muscle ached.
[Seed Bomb: Aquae, -11% Energy; Water Drop, -11% HP]

However, while the pain still throbbed dully on, Water Drop drew himself up again rather easily. He wanted to avenge his pain on Aquae; however, he knew that cushioning the impact of other blows - as he had attempted to do in the round prior - would be the best idea. He closed his eyes and focused. Water slowly began to seep out of his skin and through his thin blue coat. It shaped itself into a pair of floating rings, which surrounded Water Drop briefly before fading from view. He knew that this would help heal him after all was said and done in the rounds to come.
[Aqua Ring: Water Drop, -6% Energy]

Now, Melody was up. She looked at all her opponents - Coel hovering just inches above the grass, beside Aquae - and then at Water Drop, who nodded for her to proceed. Feeling slightly more confident, she began to draw up all the power she could muster. Before long, water began to well up all around her - from her body, the air, and the ground. The water became a huge, cresting wave that raised her up high into the air, sending her crashing straight past her partner (Water Drop's body absorbed the water into healing energy) and into Coel and Aquae, who were slammed into the ground by the crushing force of the water. The wave petered out within seconds of that, leaving Melody to hurry back to Water Drop. Both of the Pokemon were affected by the round's end in some way: Coel and Aquae weakened with poison, while Melody and Water Drop's rings appeared, glowing, around them to shed healing and strength into their bodies.
[Surf: Coel, -14% HP; Aquae, -11% HP; Melody; -17% Energy; Water Drop, +10% HP]


[Coel] Honchkrow (M)
Ability: Super Luck
Health: 84%
Energy: 83%
Status: Soaked and irked. [TOX]

[Aquae] Octillery (F)
Ability: Moody
Health: 87%
Energy: 69%
Status: Pretty dang annoyed. [+4 ATK, -1 SDEF, -1 SATK, TOX]


[Melody] Mantyke (F)
Ability: Water Absorb
Health: 44%
Energy: 62%
Status: In complete racking agony and trying to hide it. [-2 DEF, PAR, Aqua Ring]

[Water Drop] Vaporeon (M)
Ability: Water Absorb
Health: 97%
Energy: 81%
Status: Worried for his partner. [-2 DEF, PAR, Aqua Ring]

Ref Notes
Screech's Accuracy Rolls were 67 and 43, with 1-85 hitting.
PAR Rolls were 9, 34, 71, and 22, with 1-75 resulting in Water Drop, Melody, Water Drop, then Melody moving.
Toxic's Accuracy Rolls were 12 and 76, with 1-90 hitting.
Night Slash's Crit Roll was 7, with 1-25 Critting.
Seed Bomb's Crit Roll was 94, with 1-6.25 Critting.
Surf's Crit Rolls were 56 and 61, with 1-6.25 Critting.
Coel and Aquae both lose 2% HP from Toxic.
Melody gains 6% HP from Aqua Ring.
Water Drop gains 10% HP from Water Absorbing Surf, as well as 6% HP from Aqua Ring.
Toxic is set to deal 4% damage next round.
That Night Slash positively defies everything sane and logical in the universe. EVERYTHING. ene

Hitmonfighter, your moves please.
I laughed, I cried, I testified;
And in the end found this world altogether lacking.

Thanks, Speed and Dino and also Speed! :D

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