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Default Re: [IA] WASTELAND: Survival in the Post-Apocalyptic world!

After considering your options, you take a look around the bombed-out building. It looks like someone was already scavenging in this building, but you manage to find quite a few useful items to stuff into your bag. After a while, you find a holotape hidden in a desk, with what looks like an intercom next to it. Curious, you pop the holotape into your Pip-Boy 3000 and play it.

"Welcome <Insert Name Here>! This facility is monitored by military personnel and automata at all times! Please leave the building unless you have proper security clearance!" Says the voice from the holotape. But you've had worse! You can take whatever dinky combat robots you find in the building! ... However, you aren't confident about your ammunition supplies. You might can take on these robots, but you might run out of ammo doing so.

--)Investigate the pre-war skyscraper
--)Locate the refugee camp
--)(OPTIONAL) Search for a better weapon in the abandoned skyscraper
--)(OPTIONAL) Offer your skills with weapons to any remaining refugees
---)Investigate the threat level of Radroaches.
-)Determine where to go
---)Wacky Wasteland? (???????)

1) Vault Dweller's Survival Guide; Vault 103 edition
3) Bottles of water
4) Packs of pre-war rations
1) 10mm pistol
1) Portable radio
1) Vault-Tec Industrial Flashlight
1) Rob-Co Inc. Robotic Transmitter
12) Clips of 10mm ammo
1) Box of flint
200) Caps (Currency)
1) Rob-Co Laser Pistol
1/3) Small Energy Cell
1) Pre-war soap
1) Conductor
1) Rob-Co Robot Personality Core
1) Rob-Co Jumpsuit
3) Rob-Co Small Energy Cell
<Image made by Neo>
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