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> Hide under the table and prepare to attack whoever comes in the door!
You jump gracefully, but quickly, down from the table. You can hear the footsteps growing increasingly louder. Worried you are going to get caught, you skid under the table, coming to a halt around the middle area. You wait anxiously for the person to enter the room. You turn your head slightly, and glimpse something shiny under the storage unit opposite. As you are about to go and see what it is, the bolt is slid across, and the door opens, revealing a middle-aged man. You ready yourself to attack, but realise not to reveal your presence instead.

You can’t see many of his features, as you are under a table, but you do see that he is wearing huge black boots. He takes a step into the room, and you can smell a horrible stench coming either from the man, or something outside. You scrunch your nose up, hoping the stench will go, but it doesn’t. You can hear the man going through a draw, and picking what sounds like metal objects up, then placing them down again.

You hear the man yell triumphantly, “Ah-Ha!” He has obviously found what he was looking for. You can see him starting to walk again, and spot him coming towards the table. You edge backwards, hoping for him not to notice you. He drops whatever was in his hand, and leans down to retrieve it. You can see him staring directly at you, but you don’t know whether he has seen you.

When he stands back up with the object, you inwardly sigh with relief. The man walks to the door and closes it, not bothering to bolt it up.

After his footsteps can no longer, you come cautiously out from under the table. You smile to yourself, happy to have not been caught.
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