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Default Re: Open Battle: Crystal Momoyia vs. Mewcario

Master Zorua

[Farah] Growlithe (F)
HP: 46%
Energy: 80%
Condition: -2 Special Attack; Confused
Moves: Return/Dodge~Aerial Ace/Dodge

Crystal Momoyia

[Drakon] Axew (M)
HP: 27%
Energy: 58%
Condition: +1 Attack, -1 Special Defense, -1 Speed
Moves: Switch (Lapras)~Brine

Crystal realized that she was not doing too well. Drakon had taken a beating, and was forced back out by Farah’s Roar. He turned to look over his shoulder at his trainer, wondering why he’d been forced out of his Pokeball when she had let him in there to rest. Crystal unclipped his Pokeball off her belt and tossed it back to him, once again. Drakon sighed in relief as the red light enveloped him and pulled him back into his Pokeball. Crystal then nodded to Shinju, who slowly edged forward to face her opponent again.

Farah, unfazed by the change of events, decided to launch her next attack. She focused on Shinju, and managed to remain focused and fight through her confusion. She quickly rushed the plesiosaur, and began to smack her with her paws and head in a manner similar to Frustration. However, rather than wildly slapping, Farah seemed to move more precise and calculated. However, when she jumped back, she seemed to be more exhausted than her opponent.
(Growlithe > -26 Energy, Lapras > -8 HP)

Farah stopped after her last attack, and thought back on what her trainer had told her to do next. Shinju was instructed to use Brine, which would keep the battle at a distance. So she was supposed to hide behind the tree. Turning, Farah dashed towards the tree. However, as she got closer, it seemed to move on her. She angled herself to try and catch it, and managed to run head first into the tree.
(Growlithe > -5 HP)

Shinju watched the Growlithe dash towards the tree, only to dive right into its trunk. She didn’t quite understand the Pokemon’s actions, but knew what she needed to do next. She aimed towards Farah, and just like with Ice Beam, began to focus on her powers. This time, however, she began focusing on her water-type powers. Soon, her mouth began to fill to bursting with water, and she quickly opened her mouth to release the force of the salty liquid onto her opponent. Farah turned towards the Lapras, and took the hit directly into the chest. She fell sideways beside the tree, and kicked up a cloud of dust. As the dust settled, it became obvious that Farah had been knocked out. Shinju raised her flippers and reared her head back in victory.
(Shinju > -5 Energy, Growlithe > -45 HP)

[Shinju] Lapras (F)
HP: 74%
Energy: 70%
Condition: -1 Accuracy

Ref Notes:
Drakon switches, Shinju comes back out.
Farah hits with Return (60/100 confusion, 75 or less to pass. No critical, 3602/10,000 625 or less for critical)
Farah runs into the tree (99/100 confusion, 90 or less to pass. No longer confused now)
Shinju hits with Brine, critical hit, damage cap reached. (33/100 75 or less to hit, 504/10,000, 625 or less for critical)

Team Notes:
Crystal Momoyia
3 Pokemon remaining
Drakon: 27% HP, 58% Energy
Shinju: 74% HP, 70% Energy

Master Zorua
2 Pokémon remaining
Lotus: 100% HP, 7% Energy

Master Zorua will send out his Pokémon first. Then Crystal Momoyia will send her moves and Master Zorua after that.
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