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Default Re: Lessening dependency on the Staff Board

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
A) You notice how that was the first and only time I actually troll'd (insulted people that much) on this forum?

B) Yes, and I used it as a simple example, and yet 3m0d0ll started to essentially ask what happened and why I'd use it as an example.

C) 3m0d0ll also commented on my grammar, if you were reading the quotes, which I remedied.

D) I, as you have seen, can troll, which is not implying I am doing so now.

E) Excuse me, but if you read -Pichu Boy-'s comment, you will know where I stand on this. So, in the name of keeping things on track, Jessu, please stop commenting about a past argument which 3m0d0ll and I ended last night (<For me anyway xD).
A) I LOL'D you've been doing it the entire time. Trolling is more than insulting people, it's also being a complete moron and still pushing the issue even though you're in the wrong.

B) You fail to see what I was getting at.

C) ROFL no she didn't, she pointed out that you used the incorrect word. That has next-to-nothing to do with grammar. That has to do with vocabulary. ;P

E) Now if YOU haven't noticed, I left my opinion in my last post, so I did keep things on track. You still have issues with paying attention. Plus it's fun proving you wrong time and time again. :)

I'll stop feeding the troll now. soz

Originally Posted by Dr Scott View Post
Also, we share cooking tips and secrets in the mod boards. We also have a secret pictures board where we stalk you one at a time, take your pictures, and then laugh about them.
NOOOOOOO. I'm not safe anymore. :(


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