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Default Re: OPEN: MoonKit vs Gmanidddy


[Bliss] Blissey (F)
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Moves: Light Screen~Thunderbolt


[AoiAki] Oshawott (M)
HP: 100%
Energy: 100%
Moves: Focus Energy~Water Pulse

What a beautiful day for a referee to be out watching a battle. The sun was glistening, the ocean waves slapping up against the rocks, and two Pokemon trainers facing off against each other. The respective trainers each stood on a rock, with a scattering of other rocks in varying sizes between them. The ref nodded to both trainers, who sent out their Pokemon. From MoonKit, AoiAki the Oshawott. From Gmandidddy, Bliss the Blissey.

Gmandidddy did not hesitate to get the battle started. He called out for Bliss to use Light Screen, and she nodded. Holding her hands in front of her, they began to glow with a soft yellow light. The light began to grow in intensity, and Bliss raised her hands in front of her. A wall of shimmering light appeared in front of her, and as she moved her hands out, the wall grew until it became a cube completely surrounding her. She smirked in her opponent’s direction, waiting for his move.
(Blissey > -6 Energy)

MoonKit laughed at the Blissey’s attempt to guard itself from AoiAki. She called out for him to use Focus Energy. AoiAki closed his eyes and began to muster all of his energy, focusing on making his next attack count. A light blue mist began to appear around the Oshawott, until it started to darken into a more obvious blue aura. The aura began to cover the small Pokemon’s body, giving him a more intimidating aura. When he opened his eyes, he narrowed in on Bliss.
(Oshawott > -3 Energy)

Bliss smiled evilly as she prepared her next attack. Her body began to crackle with electricity, and she began to glow. As she focused, the glow began to intensify as did the crackling. Sparks of electricity were jumping all over her body, and gaining charge as she waited. When Bliss was satisfied with the power of her attack, she launched the bolt of electricity through the top of her Light Screen, arcing towards AoiAki. The bolt struck the Oshawott in the chest, lifting him off the rock. When the bolt subsided, Oshawott was dropped onto the rock, and he stood up to glare at Bliss.
(Blissey > -13 Energy, Oshawott > -19 HP)

AoiAki immediately began his next assault on the Blissey as soon as he regained his composure. He held his hands out in front of his mouth, and opened his mouth wide. A ball of water began to form, which he kept small by using his hands to push it together. Finally, as the ball reached the most pressure it could, he launched the ball at Bliss. The ball hit her Light Guard, lifting it and her into the air, as the water whipped around violently inside the ball. A small amount got past her guard and nicked Bliss, while she was watching the rushing water and getting dizzy. Suddenly, the water exploded, dropping Bliss back onto the rock. The rock, still wet, caused her to slip off into the water. Because she couldn’t grasp what was happening, she ended up swimming away from her rock and drowning.
(Oshawott > -13 Energy, Bliss > -1 HP, Confused, Drowned)


[Bliss] Blissey (F)
HP: 0%
Energy: 0%
Condition: Fainted


[AoiAki] Oshawott (M)
HP: 81%
Energy: 84%

Ref Notes:
Blissey uses Light Screen (All SPATK moves damage halved)
Oshawott uses Focus Energy (Higher chance of Critical Hit)
Blissey uses Thunderbolt (1-10 PRZ, 10/10 5/10 1 to PRZ, 3,360/10,000 625 or less for critical)
Oshawott uses Water Pulse (113/1,000 125 or less for critical, 1/10 1 or 2 for CFS)

Team Notes:
AoiAki: 81% HP, 84% Energy

Bliss: Fainted

Gmandidddy will send his next Pokemon and moves. Then MoonKit will post her moves.
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