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Default Masters Gym\9th Gym (Hidden)

Gym Leader\Champion: Kellam (Boy)

Charizard (?) lv.91. Attacks: FlameThrower,EarthQuake,FireWheel,FlameBlast

Venosuar (?) lv.91. Attacks: SolarBeam,PosionJab,StunSpore,Toxic

Blastoise (?) lv.91. Attacks: WaterBurst,WaterBlast,WaterGun,WaterFall

Mewtwo (Boy) lv.89. Attacks: FocusBlast,Harden,Attract,MegaDrain

Sceptile (Girl) lv.89. Attacks: HyperBeam,Attract,MegaDrain,PosionJab

Evee\Evee(Twin Pokemon) (Girl&Boy) lv.76lv.77. Attacks: HelpingHand,FireBurst,WaterBurst,SolarBeam

Face Quote: Admit Defeat...

Loosing Quote: You are Quite Very Good at Battling,Heres your Badge *Gives Badge* You are the Champion *He gives you the Crown and leaves*

Winning Quote: I Always Win...

Beating 5 Pokemon Quote: It is Not over...

Master Trainer:Ian (Boy)

Infernape (?) lv.74. Attacks: FireBurst,FlameWheel,FlameCharge,Ember

Empoleon (?) lv.75. Attacks: WaterBurst,SunnyDay,ScaryFace,WaterFall

Torterra (?) lv.76. Attacks: StunSpore,Paralization,SolarBeam,VineWip

Face Quote: Bring it On!

Loosing Quote: Good Job, But theres no way You can beat Kellam.

Winning Quote: Train Harder! *Gives Protein*

Beating 2 Pokemon: I Still Got this!

Welcomer Quote:Welcome to the Masters Gym its Almost Impossible, Thats why im Giving you a Free Max Potion every time you come In Thats how hard it is! *Gives a Potion*

Pokemon in Gym: Sceptile Butterfree

Sceptile: SCEP SCEP!

Butterfree: BuTTERFRee!

(Boy Gym)
(Kanto Region)