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Default Re: CLOSED; Diamond1304 vs Crystal Momoyia - Beartic Tundra Refs.


[Evan] Minccino (M)
HP: 80%%
Energy: 95%
Stats: -1 ATK
Condition: Paralyzed
Moves: Sing~Facade

Crystal Momoyia

[-] Persian (F)
HP: 100%
Energy: 79%
Stats: -1 ATK, -1 DEF
Moves: Hone Claws~Slash

Persian sat down and watched her opponent, wondering what his next move would be. As she pondered, Persian began raking her claws over one of the glowing rocks in front of her. Each time she raked the rock, her claws seemed to gleam a little brighter each time. Her attention became more focused as well, as she calculated how easily she would be able to hit her opponent from the distance she was at. Finally, Persian held up her claws, and smiled at how they gleamed. To show how sharp they had become, she cut off a piece of the rock before her.
(Persian > -4 Energy, +1 ATK, +1 ACC)

Evan, being a little intimidated by the large cat with sharpened claws, began to hum a little tune to himself. Persian’s ears perked and her head cocked to the side a little. He opened his mouth and began to sing softly, and in a shaky voice. Small musical notes floated from Evan’s mouth as his voice became more solid, and headed towards Persian. They caressed her skin, wrapping her in comfort and ease. She began to lie down, thinking maybe a quick cat nap wouldn’t be so bad. Her eyes dropped, and soon she was fast asleep.
(Minccino > -4 Energy; Persian > Asleep)

Persian’s paw twitched as she remembered through her foggy memory that she had to attack the small mouse across the clearing from her. With a great effort, she wrenched her eyes open, and stared groggily at the small Pokemon. Lazily, Persian began walking over to Evan. With each step, one of her claws began to glow. When she finally reached him, she raised one to look at it, and then raked each paw down in an “X”, trailing white energy behind it. Evan was knocked back, where he lay moaning in pain. Persian licked her paw, and waited for her opponent to make the next move.
(Persian > -6 Energy; Minccino > -27 HP)

Lying on the ground, Evan thought over his next move. He slowly stood up, and made to move towards Persian. When the electricity spread over his body for his attack, he faked that he was paralyzed in hopes to catch her off guard. Luckily, it worked, because Persian turned her head towards her Trainer for another order. Smirking, Evan rushed forward and tackled the cat, knocking her backwards into the rock she had been sharpening her claws on. She slammed into it with enough force to shatter it, and landed on her side, gaping at the Minccino.
(Minccino > -8 Energy; Persian > -40 HP)

Ref Notes:
Persian uses Hone Claws (+1 ATK, +1 ACC)
Minccino uses Sing (62/100, 75 or less to attack; 36/100, 55 or less to hit)
Persian uses Slash (6/100, 30 or less to wake up; 73/1000, 125 or less for CH)
Minccino uses Façade (54/100, 90 or less to hit; 449/10,000, 625 or less for CH)


[Evan] Minccino (M)
HP: 53%
Energy: 83%
Stats: -1 ATK
Condition: Paralyzed

Crystal Momoyia

[-] Persian (F)
HP: 60%
Energy: 69%
Stats: -1 DEF, +1 Acc

Diamond will post his moves first, followed by Crystal.
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