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Default -The Training Gym- First Five Customers Get 1/2 off!

The Training Gym

Well, hello. Wanting a stronger 'Mon? Here you can choose an event to train, and your little guys come away with higher Atk, Def, Sp. Def, Sp. Atk, or Speed PERMANETLEY raised by one level.

Here's how it works: Choose the Pokémon you want to train, then the event, and the money (don't forget to post in the bank!). After 24 hours have passed, you can post to claim your 'Mon. If the 'mon's type matches one of the selected types, it takes 12 hours instead of 24.

To prevent exhaustion, an individual 'Mon can only train here once every seven days.
For example, if you train an Eevee here on a Tuesday, it cannot be trained again until next Tuesday.

During training, Pokémon cannot participate in any other activities, including battles, safari zone, contests, evolution, or participation in another business.
When you post, I roll a 100-sided die. If the number is 10 or lower, that stat raises by 2 levels insead of one. If its 11-60, the 'Mon successfully trains. If its 61-100, training fails.

[First five customers pay $22/$75!
The Events
Punching Bags ($45)

Here all types can take out their anger on high-grade dummies. After giving the bags a nice pounding, they come away with raised Attack. To Fighting types, this is the ideal place, so you might have to drag them out.
Fighting, Normal and Dragon types are trained in 12 hours.

Zen Garden ($45)
A peaceful oriental garden where one can relax and heighten their mental strength to give a Sp. Attack boost.
Dark, Ghost, and Psychic types take 12 hours to train.

Rock Quarry ($45)

There's nothing that builds muscles like pushing around boulders for a Defense boost. Just make sure it's a rock and not a Geodude.
Rock, Ground, and Steel types are trained in 12 hours.

Hedge Maze ($45)

This relaxing maze helps mantain a Pokémon's Sp. Defense by challenging it in a playful way. We also have a team of Murkrows to help a Pokémon if it gets lost.
Grass, Bug, and Poison types are trained in 12 hours.

Obstacle Course ($45)

Does your little Magnemite dream of being a track & field star? Here, 'Mons can race and raise their Speed on an official-looking dirt track. Sorry, no medals.
Electric, Water and Flying types are trained in 12 hours

Super Obstacle course ($150)

After muching a few apples, Pokémon have to cross a field of punching bags, the Rock Quarry, the Zen Garden, Hedge Maze, and the Obstacle course. Did I mention the hurdles every five feet? If a Pokémon makes it, Attack, Sp. attack, Defense, Sp. Defense and Speed are raised.
Here, a roll of 5 or lower raises all stats by 2.

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