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Default Re: General Park Discussion/Feedback/Questions

-Attention all Park Staff and Trainers-

This is a reminder to everyone that MCR must be met before a Trainer can attempt to capture a Pokémon. They have to reach the minimum character count no matter what capture rate the calculator says. The calculator shouldn't be used until MCR is met. This is so capturing Pokémon through the Park is fair. It must be worked for.

Minimum Character Requirements
21. The Park enforces Minimum Character Requirements (MCRs) to capture Pokemon. Each post you make contributes to the MCR of a Pokemon you're battling. How? All posts you make BEFORE a Pokemon encounter contributes to the MCR of any Pokemon you encounter, on top of the Battle Posts you make. So if you make three posts before running into a Pokemon, those three posts count towards its MCR. If you make two more posts after that and then run into another Pokemon, those two posts ONLY will count towards the second Pokemon's MCR. If a Trainer uses an Item and has a Double Battle, the Item will work on both Pokemon that appear. If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to ask Dog of Hellsing for clarification. MCRs can be found at the bottom of this post, as well as in the Pokemon Location List.
Thank you


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