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Default Re: --->> WAR: X - Sprites<<---

Originally Posted by TheEvilDookie View Post
I'm curious... How can you judge someone on Outlines and Theme/Relevance for a sprite recoloring?
I allowed re-shading, which is what I wanted people to do by making them use BW sprites, so they definitely could alter the outlines. And some had outlines that were too dark/light/not colored/etc. :/

As for the relevance, I noticed (using Iso's entry as an example) that I couldn't find some some of the colors in the pallet on the sprite, which is why he/she received less points in 'Theme/Relevance', since it's a pallet issue. I suppose I could've docked points in the 'Colors' category instead, but. :P

@Hosh: So if a Pokemon is red and you're recoloring it blue, you leave the outlines red? Since, "You're not supposed to change anything about the outlines,". :$
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