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Default Re: OPEN BATTLE: sammy0295 vs. 3m0d0ll


[-] Banette (F)
Health: 49%
Energy: 75%
Moves: Counter~Rest


[Flare] Flareon (F)
Health: 69%
Energy: 82%
Status: ATK +1, DEF +1, SPD -1; TOX
Moves: Fire Fang~Heal Bell

Round III

Flareon, ignoring her lower speed, jumped into action immediately. She focused her energy into the form of fire, and felt it build to a scorching temperature. She then coated her fangs in the fire, and rushed towards the ghost floating before her. The sun beating down on the arena only intensified the flames, and when Flare sank her teeth into the Banette’s other arm, the heat of her attack flared and the Banette shrieked once again in pain, flinging her arm around to rid herself of the Flareon attached to her.
(Flareon > -5 Energy; Banette > -26 HP)

Rather than flinging the Flareon off, however, Banette’s body began to glow orange and she felt the pain from the Fire Fang surging through her, and going back into her arm where Flare was still attached. Focusing on that, Banette pushed all of her pain into that spot. Flare’s eyes opened wide in surprise, and tried to let go and jump back. Banette didn’t allow that however, instead surging the pain from her arm to Flare with a burst of her own energy, sending the Flareon flying back where she landed hard on her side and skidded to a stop.
(Banette > -18 Energy; Flareon > -52 HP)

Banette doubled over from exhaustion and pain after she sent Flare flying. She had just realized how battered she had become, and decided that maybe it was a good time to take a small nap. Backing away from Flare, she sat down and closed her eyes. Shortly, she was fast asleep, and some of her worse wounds were starting to look a little better. As long as she remained asleep, she would feel much better when she woke up.
(Banette > -8 Energy, +20 HP, SLP)

Flare watched her opponent fall asleep, and decided to take a hint from her and heal herself a little bit. Sitting up, she relaxed her stance and focused on the toxin hurting her. The Flareon’s body began to glow blue, and she opened her mouth to emit blue sound waves. Each wave sounded like bells chiming, and it soothed Flare. The sound waves bounced off the walls of the stadium, and reflected back onto Flare. As the sounds calmed her, the Flareon felt the toxin in her body disappearing and she was ready to jump back into the fight.
(Flareon > -7 Energy, cured of TXN)

Arena Notes:
Sunny Day has ended.

Ref Notes:
Flareon uses Fire Fang (7/10 1 for BRN, 3/10 1 for flinch, 22/100 95 or less to hit, 8820/10,000 625 or less for CH, 9/10 Cursed Body 1-3 to disable the move)
Banette uses Counter (26*2 = 52 damage, 5475/10,000 for CH)
Banette uses Rest (+20 HP, asleep for 2 rounds)
Flareon uses Heal Bell (Cured of TXN)


[-] Banette (F)
Ability: Cursed Body
Health: 43%
Energy: 50%


[Flare] Flareon (F)Ability: Flash Fire
Health: 17%
Energy: 70%
Status: ATK +1, DEF +1, SPD -1

Jenn will post her moves next, then sammy.

I have calculated, and recalculated, and Fire Fang does not come out to 25% damage at all. It is 17. 65 BP + STAB = 17. 17 x 1.5 = 26. Earlier in the match, Velocity calculated a Fire Fang during Rain. 17 x .5 = 9. If it had done 25% damage, then in Rain it would have been 13%. I don't see how you are getting 25%
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