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Default Re: ASB Discussion and Suggestions

Originally Posted by 3m0d0ll View Post

It's not that we need more Officials (we have more than the URPG and they're much larger than us, though I feel that they're not as organized. But that's a completely different topic. xD)
Just posting here to correct that bolded part of yours.

According to the ASB, you have (technically) 2 Officials and 3 Moderators. If you take a look at the URPG on the other hand;

Dog of Hellsing
Fossil Fusion
Phantom Kat
Scourge of Amaranth

Jack of Clovers
Taras Bulba
The Jr Trainer
Trainer17 Tsuna
We Taste Pies...

So yea, URPG has way lot more officials than the ASB.

Of course, we can talk about size variations of how the URPG has more officials because of how big it is, but the same can be said to ASB when you need like 3 Officials to approve a Signature Move/Dragon's Den/Gym.

Also, Crytal's just trying to help by voicing out the problems she sees, along with some possible solutions. Just sayin'. Though, implementing one of her solutions isn't that difficult. New Officials. Can be done. I would suggest two from the top of my head, but I'd rather not mention names here. But final decision is up to the Moderators(whether to pick new ones, or not). We, the members, love the ASB as much as you Officials/Mods do. Heck, Crystal could have totally not bothered about posting it at all, and just quit.

I'll just say this for now, since Crystal has addressed one of the concerns I had, myself.


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