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Default Re: ASB Discussion and Suggestions

Jenn: I didn't mean to make you upset or point a finger at you or any of the other mods or officials. I can only imagine the stress you're under because you're trying to run this all by yourself at the moment. I know what it's like with stress and depression, and as a result because I didn't know how to deal with it in a positive way I am on medication. That I hope you don't have to end up doing. I was just trying to voice some concerns I have that (in my opinion) are hindering the ASBL from reaching the potential that I see it has. I know the bank is updated rather quickly compared to some of the other boards, but I guess that I thought that maybe it can be updated after all the refs get paid. So once a week the post with everyone's totals is updated. That's just my idea. And I know you accept everything in the Reg. HQ pretty much, but I've seen your things gone unaccepted (or takes forever to be accepted), which doesn't seem fair to me. I'm also looking out for the officials and mods who post in threads like that but don't get acceptance.

Velocity: I wasn't trying to challenge anyone, and I'm sorry you saw it that way. But as I said, it's not just PvP battles that need reffing. SZ battles need it as well so the trainers in there can catch their Pokemon. Now, I will admit, I'm a little irritated it's taking so long for mine to be updated, but I am more upset that other users who are active might have been waiting longer. And even if a person is a referee doesn't mean that he or she is also a safari ranger. And as Beartic said, I did take the ref test. I just didn't understand a few of the things in the compendium and was having problems with it loading so I ended up failing. Not to mention I have a problem with misreading a lot of things. So I am trying to help out to the best of my abilities, but since the new test hasn't been posted yet all I can do is voice my opinions and concerns. And I do take some offense since it seems like you just assumed I never even tried to become a ref. And I do understand because I help Beartic when he refs. Not only do I do what he said, I also try to help with the battle scene when he asks. I give him my ideas, he chooses to use them or not when typing up what happened during the battle.

Tsuna: You're right. I could have just quit. But I don't want to. I see way to much potential in this, and to be honest I sometimes have more fun here than in the role play section of the interactive boards. I want to be active in the ASBL since I truly have fun here. I can't wait to wake up the next day and see if a battle was reffed or a Safari updated (mine or a friend's since I like to read them). I also like to see what's going on in the shops. There's just too much going on that make this unique for me to just turn my back to it without voicing my concerns first and see if they can be worked on.

MoonKit: I feel your pain. I know you didn't directly respond to my post, but I saw something in yours I need to reply to. Please don't point the finger at Paperfairy alone for the lack of update. I agree is should be updated a tad quicker, but then again I don't know how often it used to be updated. Any of the mods can edit the post and change the test, but they probably collaborate on the test before posting since all of them would need to know the correct answers to properly and fairly grade us. We just need to be patient for a little while longer. It should be updated sometime this week, or that's what Paperfairy told me in a PM when we were discussing my ref test results.
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