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Default Re: ASB Discussion and Suggestions

For the record, I wrote a Ref Test, but because we have like a 80% failure rate for these tests, I'm having the current Officials take the test and check to make sure its a fair test before I release it. As of now right now, I'm waiting for somebody to take the test before its unveiled.

I know how frustrated you guys are, but as far as Battles and the Safari Zone, I don't understand WHY people keep failing and when I ask for ways to make the Compendium easier to understand, nobody speaks up, so like I said, 80% of tests are failures. Making it EASIER to pass won't help because then Refs/Rangers will be screwing up left and right.

The worst part is that people usually fail on the EASY stuff (wait and see conditionals, type matchups) as opposed to the things that are designed to make you think. Honestly, the Officials have a running gag regarding those, but that's for another time...

In short: yes, we need more people on board, and we're working on it, but the best thing you guys can do to help is to take the ref test and not fail when you do. :D
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