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Originally Posted by Crystal Momoyia View Post
Sometimes it's hard to explain what it is we don't understand. For me, it was trying to figure out if a status only activates once or twice a round because in the Compendium in the column it says "Round/Action#" and that confused me. Does it mean per action or per round? Also, my personal problem is not being able to really understand what I read period and simplify it. (I almost failed English in middle and high school) That and I tend to misread and misinterpret what I read. I cannot speak for others.

And none of us are trying to fail. But it seems like that even though we have few active referees now, we have even less rangers. I don't think that every single referee is also a ranger. Now, I have yet to attempt the ranger test because I am not a referee yet, but I don't see why it takes weeks to update a battle when you can go through x amount of scenarios in one day. That's all I ever see posted. But I'll end my rant there.
I can't really help you on most of those points... But I believe that the 'Action' is there for Safari battles, where each Pokemon has just one action and so the status would indeed activate upon each action.

PS If it helps, I almost failed my own Ref test due to something that was half bad wording and half my idiotic thinking. c:
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