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Default Re: Pokérus Empire ® :Tausend Jahre Pokérus Reich: -FULL-

Originally Posted by Raschy View Post
Yo yo yo! Back from camp guys, whats up?

Shyt chillen... u rdy for our battle lata on tonight

Edit: y isn't there more ppl on during the day... It was alot more active last year around this tyme.... I guess everyone's busy with RL. I wanted to talk about different builds for some of the 5th gen mons.

First one in question Zebstrika I was thinkin bout makin a mixed attacker. Atk & SpA are fairly good and he's amongst the fastest in his gen:

Zebstrika @Life Orb {Lightningrod}
Flame Charge
Pursuit\ Charge Beam

What do you guys think? Zebs move pool is rather lacking... I cld make him a physical attacker but the STAB physical electric moves aren't all that, unless i'm using him as a scout and have volt switch

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