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Default Re: aeoneeveemoon - Zorua - Mountain

Safari Zone

Ability: Blaze.
Health: 82%
Energy: 86%
Flame Burst


[Rikki] Zorua
Ability: Illusion
Health: 78%
Energy: 81%

Charmander's mouth popped open, and another gout of flame blasted out, of little interest to describe or hear described beyond being a small fireball. It struck Rikki, causing him to wince, and split into multiple parts, blasting out to either side of him.

Rikki growled, but used the pain against his opponent, channeling it into his own attack. His body took on a dark purple aura, and he charged, setting his sights on Charmander. He struck her in the middle, his attack enhanced by his slower movement, and she was sent stumbling back, clutching her gut in pain.

Safari Zone

Ability: Blaze.
Health: 59%
Energy: 77%


[Rikki] Zorua
Ability: Illusion
Health: 66%
Energy: 67%

Charmander used Flame Burst (rolls: 100/6.25, no crit; Rikki-12 HP; Charmander-9 energy)
Zorua used Payback (rolls: 51/6.25, no crit; Charmander-23 HP; Rikki-14 Energy)

1- Attack.
2- Attempt capture.
3- Run.

You have 18 Safari Points left.
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