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Default Re: Crystal Momoyia--Persian--Urban

Crystal Momoyia

[-] Persian (F)
Ability: Limber
Health: 95%
Energy: 71%
[-2 DEF]


[-] Flareon (F)
Ability: Flash Fire
Health: 63%
Energy: 72%

The Pokeball appears in your hand, expanding with the press of a button, and you throw. It hits Flareon in the head and pops open, absorbing its body as energy. The ball shakes back and forth, before stopping, a ding indicating your success.

Flareon Captured.

[-] Persian (F)
Ability: Limber
Health: 95%
Energy: 71%

0. Heal your Pokemon for 3 Safari Points
1. There's a crash of something being knocked over in that alley. Check it out?
2. Nah.
3. Leave the Safari Zone

You have 9 Safari Points left.
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