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Default Re: Leaves/Temporary Leaves/I'm Back Thread

Hey guys, I'm leaving again....Lol. I never really came back in the first place, even though I tried, and I've just forgotten about PE2K. Of course; my mind will replay on PE2K days and tag-making one day and I'll come back; but until then I guess I'm going to watch from a distance. (that is, if I remember.)

No silly goodbyes to individuals; 'cause I know I'll come back.

No wait, Yo Face Here deserves one. Isn't he the sweetest thing? Dropping me a hello when I'm online. :D

That sounded granny-like.

I'm not much of a loss, so it's okay. xD

Le sigh. I want to make tags again, but it seems like my mind has forgotten all those rules...>.> It will never look the same.

Anyway, to those who still wanna see me (I doubt it) I'm over at deviantART (I'm kinda hiatus there too, lol. But I still surf there, so drop me a note) and to writers, at various writing websites under the same username.

Don't miss me, guys. It's not worth your time, lol. And by that I'm not trying to be like "Sniffle, I'll be gone forever, so sniffle, don't miss me, sniffle, even though a lot of you will say you will, sniffle", because if there's one thing for sure; I'll be coming back to the place that made me start using Photoshop and making graphic art in the first place.

Oh, and if you want, my livejournal:

I think that's it.

lol whut

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