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Default Re: Outer Heaven

OOC: It's Rex, not Cameron ;)

"Yeah, I don't want you. Can you please leave!" I said impatiently, and threw a Pokedoll towards the bird Pokemon. "I'm looking for either Druddigon or Farfetch'd and you aren't either. So if you can point us in the right direction, that'd be grand." I looked around into the sky, seeing if I could see any signs of the giant flying multi-colored beast, but no luck. This didn't look too good. Though, this was my first encounter, so I wasn't going to let that get me down... yet.

"Shall we go higher then?" I asked. However, I didn't wait for an answer. "Let's go Skullcruncher, take us up high!" I jumped onto his back and took off into the sky, going as high as I could. I played my voice disk and a loud roar echoed through the sky. I now could only wait for one to come along.

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